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Changing shelf

Is your baby coming into the world soon?

Then you will certainly need a changing facility. You don't have room for a spacious changing unit? No problem!
A changing shelf is the optimal solution for this. A changing shelf is small and compact and requires little space. Due to its small dimensions, it can be placed in the bathroom,
nursery or bedroom.
A changing shelf is very easy to assemble and can therefore be quickly dismantled as soon as your baby is too big for it.
To offer your angel the best possible comfort when changing nappies, a separately available changing pad is a must. The shelf can be used from birth up to about 15 kg. Almost all changing shelves still have storage options under the changing top, for wet wipes, nappies, creams and other baby utensils.
You can also place storage boxes of the right size under the changing shelf and thus also decorate the changing shelf at the same time.
There are different versions of the changing shelf, whether with castors for more flexible transport or foldable for storage. The selection is very large and leaves nothing to be desired. Also very practical if you have space problems: A changing shelf that can be mounted on the wall and simply folded up for changing.