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Flexible and safe: Why a playpen is indispensable for babies

A playpen and matching accessories are essential at the latest when babies get older and thus active. Naturally, they begin to explore the home and sometimes set off on their own to discover their surroundings. A cuddly nest or play bow on the floor is no longer enough. This can be quite exhausting for parents, as they can hardly take their eyes off their darling. A playpen helps here. The baby has a safe place here when mum wants to quickly do something around the house or prepare a meal for the baby. With a playpen, parents benefit from being more flexible and knowing that their baby is still safe.

Playpens as a sensible purchase

When buying a playpen, various advantages come together to facilitate and support the cohabitation of parents and baby. It provides security, which means that mum or dad can put their baby down to do short errands around the house. Babies and children can still pursue their urge to move in the playpen and have a limited space in which they are safe. The adults are therefore relieved and can still support the development of their child.

Buying a playpen - what you should look out for

When buying a playpen, various criteria should be taken into account. Size and shape must be adapted to the living situation. They can be 4- or 6-cornered, depending on what fits best in the home. Another criterion is whether the playpen insert is height-adjustable. This is particularly useful if a playpen is already being used after birth. Newborns can be lifted out of the playpen comfortably and diapering is also possible here, whereas a toddler cannot climb out by itself if the bottom is fixed all the way down. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the height adjustability when buying. Since safety always comes first, a playpen should have a test seal and meet safety standards such as the correct spacing of the bars. In addition, castors can be used to move the playpen. To make the playpen the perfect place for your baby, it also makes sense to buy a matching playpen mattress.

Brands and models at 4mybaby.ch

The playpens and corresponding articles in our shop come from different manufacturers. For example, we rely on the manufacturers Schardt, Roba and Geuther. These brands are characterised by quality and practical use and do not forego modern designs. The Holly playpen from Schardt for example convinces with the natural material wood and the simple design. While the Roba playpen stands out due to its 6-cornered shape, as does the Matrix playpen from Geuther.

Additional accessories for the playpen

Playpens should not only function as safety gates and be practical, but should also be fun and cosy for babies and children. Cuddly playpen inserts and soft mattresses are a must. To always know what's going on, a baby monitor is perfect to give parents an even safer feeling. For more safety, we offer you a large selection of suitable baby articles around the topic of safety at home.