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Playpen mattresses

Playpen mattress - comfort & safety for your baby

Playpens are part of the basic equipment in many households with a baby. They offer parents a good opportunity to place the baby or toddler in a protected place. At the same time, it can play in it, observe its surroundings or even sleep. A quality and comfortable playpen mattress is therefore of particular importance for the toddler.

Which pad should you use in the playpen?

There are two possible variations on how you can equip the playpen.

On the one hand, you can fall back on a high-quality playpen mattress. This is particularly suitable if your baby or toddler will be sleeping in the playpen more often. With a well-padded mattress, your baby will find a restful and ergonomic sleep. In addition, your child will also benefit from the stable playpen mattress during playtime and when trying to stand up for the first time. It provides a stable base and support, cushions falls and cushions your toddler softly.

Pay attention to the quality of the playpen mattress. It should be breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and ideally Oeko Tex 100 certified.

An alternative is the playpen pad. These come in different thicknesses or fillings. The more filling material used, the softer and more comfortable your baby will feel. You can also use a thin playpen insert in addition to the playpen mattress to supplement and protect the mattress. A playpen liner is usually attached to the side bars of the playpen using loops. However, the protruding height of the playpen liner can restrict the baby's free view, so that he or she can only see the parents or the surroundings to a limited extent.

Is a playpen mattress washable?

The mattress itself is not washable, but the cover of the mattress can be removed and cleaned at 60 degrees in the washing machine. This should be done regularly, especially with babies and toddlers, to keep the pad hygienic. It is equally advantageous to place a breathable sheet or fitted sheet over the playpen mattress. This way, you can additionally adapt the playpen to seasonal conditions and, for example, stretch a thinner cover in summer and a towelling cover in winter.

At a glance:

- choose between a playpen mattress or a playpen insert

- If your baby sleeps in the playpen frequently, a mattress is more suitable.

- Pay attention to the quality of the playpen mattress.

- the cover of a playpen mattress is removable and washable at 60 degrees

- You can add an additional cover to the mattress.