Flexible and practical: furniture for parents' rooms

So that you can always have your little darling around you, we offer furniture for the parents' room in this category. The furniture makes it possible to quickly make the room baby-friendly without much effort. You don't need to change the structure of the room, and the flexible handling of the furniture means that you can also change the room and the child at short notice. With our practical side beds, you no longer have to get up at night all the time, but can take care of your child directly from the bed. The side beds are simply placed next to mum and dad's bed and can be firmly attached using brackets. Extensions and height-adjustable brackets ensure that the cots can be attached to any parent's bed. So your nights will finally be a little longer again. What's more, it saves you having to use a baby monitor, which you might not hear in deep sleep. Some of our models are equipped with a ventilated bottom, which provides better air circulation at night. The Next2Me models, on the other hand, can be moved quickly thanks to their light weight and are always right where you need them.

Mobile and practical: baby nests and accessories

With our baby nests you get a mobile sleeping place that can be used anytime and anywhere, whether in the living room or the parents' room. Simply set up a baby corner and roll up the nest when needed. Also the perfect solution for on the go. In addition, you will find the necessary accessories such as fitted sheets, spare rolls or even cot mattresses with which you can quickly furnish the parents' room in a baby-friendly way.

Baby cot in the parents' room? YES!

Advantages of baby furniture in the parents' room at a glance:
- You are closer to your child and don't have to constantly worry that you will miss something.
- With a cot, the baby sleeps more securely than between you and is still within reach.
- Nights are more pleasant because you don't have to constantly leave the bed and the room. You don't even need to turn on the light, so your body stays in sleep mode.
- The baby furniture is versatile and can be used in any room.
- You get to know your child's sleeping habits in detail and can take this experience into account later when furnishing your own room regarding sleeping.
- The baby room is not always ready when the offspring is born. Therefore, it can sometimes be better to make the parents' room baby-friendly in the first few months and use it for the transition period. You save yourself the stress of furnishing and remodelling and can concentrate completely on your baby in the first time. When everyday life returns to the home, you can then furnish the baby room without pressure. Even painting is no longer a problem. While the paint dries, your child sleeps with you in the parents' room.