Bassinet for babies: shapely and practical alternative to the baby bed

It has been around for many decades: the bassinet for babies. Our parents and grandparents already used this model as a cosy place for their offspring to sleep in the first weeks of their lives. Even today, the bassinet has lost none of its charm as a baby bed. On the contrary, it is on a par with baby cots in terms of popularity. With matching accessories and mattresses, you can spice up any nursery.

One advantage of a bassinet for your baby is its cosy appearance and the fact that you can take it anywhere in the house. While the cradle can be placed next to the parents' bed at night or even in the baby's room, during the day it is often placed next to the sofa in the living room. position. The bassinet is only suitable for the first period of the baby's life. Depending on the size, the baby can lie and sleep wonderfully in it up to the age of six months. After that, a bed is best suited for your child to sleep in.

The difference between a bassinet and a side bed

In contrast to a side bed, the bassinet has a romantic design. Especially since the bassinet optimally in white or in natural colours is very convincing. Parents who attach great importance to an elegant appearance in the bedroom, living room or nursery therefore tend to choose a bassinet in white for the first time. In terms of function, the bassinet is similar. It can also be fitted with castors and various accessories and can be moved around the living room or nursery. Both sleeping places can be equipped with additional accessories. The big difference is the design, which is much more functional. If you don't want to spend the money on a bassinet, you're more likely to opt for an extra bed or a baby or toddler bed.

What to look for when buying a bassinet

When deciding on a bassinet for your child, there are a number of things to consider. Not only whether the model should be white or wooden. It is important that the product stands well and securely. The overall construction and the stability of the baby cradle must be such that it cannot tip over under any circumstances. The material used for the basket is also important. It has to be made in such a way that the child cannot injure itself with its little hands. Mum and dad can of course use suitable accessories to ensure the baby's safety. Important information about the stability and workmanship of the cradle is provided by product recommendations that are regularly published by consumer websites.

There are baby cradles with a removable basket as well as with a canopy. Which of the variants is chosen depends on one's own ideas and also on the use. If the bassinet is placed next to a window, it should be equipped with a canopy, such as the Alvi bassinet in white. In addition to the decorative appearance, it also provides protection from draughts. The lying surface of the bassinet and mattress is usually 45 cm wide and 70 cm to 80 cm long. If there is a used bassinet in the family, which may have been passed down from generation to generation, the parents-to-be should pay attention to the quality and grade of the model. If the bassinet is made of wood, it must be in perfect and smooth condition. Even the smallest splinter of wood could injure the baby's arms and hands while sleeping.

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In our bassinet category you will find a large selection of different models. Among others, you will find well-known manufacturers such as Chicco, Alvi or roba at favourable prices. Do without additional accessories and opt for a complete bassinet from roba. If you prefer a playful, romantic and classic design in white, you should rather choose a Childhome bed. More modern and innovative is the Chicco Baby Hug 4in1, which serves as a sleeping place for the baby in the first months of life and then as a high chair for the toddler.

Accessories for the bassinet

When buying the cradle, you can choose a complete set like the roba complete bassinet or suitable accessories . A bassinet includes an inner and outer cover made of soft fabric, a high-quality mattress, pillow and duvet. To ensure that the baby cradle has a uniform ambience, the bassinet accessories should be made of one and the same fabric. This also applies to the canopy. The soft cotton or gauze matches the trim and the other bedding perfectly. When buying the mattress, pay attention to comfort and the baby's needs. Matching toys, such as a teddy or a mobile, are also part of a baby carriage. Also discover in our online shop, the large selection of matching accessories to the baby cot and other equipment. Whether you are looking for a pram, children's furniture or matching bed linen, you will find it here. We offer you discounts and free products for every order and the delivery is free of shipping costs from 99,- CHF.