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Restful sleep for your baby and your child

Unlike an adult, babies need much more sleep, which they spread out over the entire day. An infant spends up to 18 hours a day sleeping. To help tired babies get to restful sleep quickly, it makes sense to buy a comfortable and safe baby cot. There are different types of beds for the different ages from infant to toddler and later schoolchild. If you are looking for a baby cot, you have come to the right place. We highlight the safety aspects and also the ideal sleeping environment. In our category, we offer you a range of selected cots from different brands and manufacturers, including Stokke or Babyplus. When buying your baby cot, make sure you also buy a suitable mattress.

From the extra bed and bassinet to your own cot

In the course of his or her life, your pet's need for sleep will decrease. If a baby sleeps through most of the day, the day-night rhythm of older children is already so well developed that they can get through the day with a nap and later without one at all and only need their bed for night-time sleep. In contrast to kindergarten and school children, a baby is usually awake more often at night and needs the company of its parents or caregiver to find its way back to sleep, so it is important to find the right bed for your baby to create the best conditions for it to sleep peacefully. In addition to the baby cot, there are other alternatives depending on the age of the baby.

The extra bed

Especially in the first weeks and months of life, a cot is suitable for most new families. It can be easily attached to the parent's bed so that the mattress of the rollaway bed and the parent's bed become one surface. There are also models that can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the parents' bed. This way, you can take your baby to cuddle or breastfeed at any time without having to walk through the whole flat or the whole house. The quicker a baby settles back to sleep in the first few weeks, the more confident you can be that he or she will continue to sleep effortlessly. Depending on the model, you can use the extra bed for the first time until the baby's first birthday.

The bassinet

Just like the rollaway bed, a bassinet is a cosy and safe sleeping environment for your baby in its first months of life. In contrast to the rollaway bed, you can easily take a bassinet into any room thanks to its castors, so that your baby is always close to you. A combination of a bassinet for naps during the day and an extra bed for the night is very practical.

The baby cradle

Your baby can fall asleep gently rocking back and forth on a soft mattress in a cradle. The image of a peacefully slumbering baby in its cradle surrounded by a gently falling sky is the first thing that comes to mind when many people think of sleeping babies. The rocking back and forth helps your baby fall asleep and can be used until about six months of age.

The baby cot / cot

Once your baby has grown into a child, it will have mastered many amazing developmental steps, including that of autonomous sleeping. Your child is now no longer dependent on your constant closeness, as it has learned to trust you and spend the entire night in the nursery. Many well-known brands offer beds for babies that can later be easily converted into a cot. This means that your baby can grow along with its bed. The protective bars can then be removed so that your toddler can get up independently. However, there are a few things you should consider when buying a cot. 1:

1. the bars of your new cot should be 5 to 7 cm apart so that your baby doesn't get trapped or get their head stuck.

2 The distance between the lying surface and the bed frame should not be too large either. It should be a maximum of 2.5 cm. The classic cot can later be converted so that your toddler can sleep in it until he or she is four years old. For safety reasons, a cot with a fall-out protection is recommended. 3.

The baby cot should of course be stable and free of sharp edges and corners. In addition, a good model is equipped with a high-quality slatted frame and a comfortable mattress. The mattress should be breathable and not too soft. In addition, the outer edge should be tread-proof. A head guard provides additional safety for your newborn. 4.

Make sure that the cot has a DIN or TÜV mark or a GS certificate, as these stand for tested safety. Cots are available in the sizes 60x120cm and 70x140cm.

Good and restful sleep right from the start

Babies' high need for sleep is explained by the fact that sleeping allows them to process the things they have experienced. To ensure that your baby sleeps well right from the start, choose the sleeping environment well. By nature, newborns do not like to be alone and they also benefit from being able to perceive quiet ambient sounds when sleeping. Therefore, if possible, place the baby cot in the room where they stay during the day and bring it into your bedroom at night.