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Chest benches

Chest benches - chic and practical

Chest benches are finding their way into children's rooms because they offer seating and storage space. When getting dressed in the morning, when changing shoes or just for a rest, children sit safely and comfortably at a pleasant height. Versions with and without backrests are available.
The look can be adapted to the interior style. The design is varied and available with popular motifs. Some models can be designed yourself, for example with the idol from your favourite book, from Maya the Bee to Fireman Sam. The plain white chest benches are suitable for this.
The materials used are child-safe and non-toxic. The manufacturers avoid any risk for the children. Therefore, the closures are also safe and easy to use.

Quick tidying and a box of ideas

Very young children in particular cannot yet make great demands on tidying up. Nevertheless, they should learn it at an early age because keeping things tidy is an important everyday skill. The chests are ideal for little ones to store their toys and they like to help when it comes to tidying up. The storage spaces are easy to reach for the tots. So that the lid can also be closed, motor skills and the eye for shapes can be trained at the same time. Chest benches are particularly suitable for small items such as Lego, but also for storing bedding, handicraft materials or the soft toy collection. When other children visit, the chest bench can be used as a seat or table substitute, and when there is frolicking, it can also be used as climbing or sports equipment. The furniture can withstand these stress tests without hesitation.
The manufacturer offers seating groups that match the chest benches and give the children's room a uniform look. This way, guests can gather around a table and eat, drink or paint together.

From toddlers to ABC shooters

Chest benches are suitable for children until they are about 10 years old. Depending on their size, they may be suitable for longer. But after that, they do not have to be discarded. They are then only too small as seating furniture for the children, but they are still suitable as treasure chests for various collectibles, storage of school books or bedding. A chest bench can also be adapted to changing furnishing trends by repainting it or decorating it with stylish adhesive foils.