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children's table with chairs

A children's table for life!

Children's table for playing, hiding, homework and laptop.

The beauty of tables is their versatility, robustness and silent participation in many moving moments of our lives. This also applies to every children's table! Our attractive tables are mainly made of natural wood and are free of harmful substances. They are subject to European controls, are stable and have child-friendly rounded corners.

A children's table is useful from birth!

Children's tables, such as eco-tables from Roba or Bisal, fit everywhere, are easy to carry and are extremely useful helpers. When you return home, you can place the baby in the carrycot on the table. With a rubber mat on top, you can then change your little one on our children's table, or better still, on our wall-mounted changing table. Soon it will be able to crawl underneath it and then hold on to it to learn to walk. Later, the child will use the table to build Lego, paint and do puzzles.

For a long time, the child looks at picture books at its table, reads there and does its homework.

Do you already know the Ravensburg books, like the first feeling book, discovery book and hidden object book?

Finally, your little one puts his laptop down on the little table! Meanwhile, between 18 months and 10 years is the main period of use for a children's table.

Single table, reversible table or water table? Great choice!

A pretty single table is handy, you can put it in the corner quickly and space-savingly for vacuuming. Covered with a cloth, it makes a play hut. Chairs can be bought to match. Most of the time the basic shape is square, as with

Solid wood tables with MDF table tops from Bisal and the TÜV-tested, lacquered solid wood tables from the traditional company Roba, with the "Blue Angel" environmental test mark. They are, for example, 50 centimetres high, 51x66 centimetres wide and long.

Some children's tables are original in shape or function, such as round tables with matching Classic World wooden chairs or Roba picnic benches with table. A reversible table turns into a bench, and matching reversible seats can also be ordered. Funny is a sand or water table made of plastic for balcony, terrace and garden, like the Knorrtoys-pirate ship on supports, with colourful moulds and shovels.

A three-piece children's seating group is cosy!

At a cosy spot, with their children's table and two chairs, children feel like little adults, especially with the multifunctional play kitchen on the table top!

Seating group tables from Roba are available with fibreboard or untreated solid wood, even white or pink, sometimes with an animal motif and fabric seat cover. The wood can be beech or rubber solid wood. Smobdy-Kid, on the other hand, presents plastic tables and chairs in cheerful bright colours, for home and garden. Chairs can be bought individually or as a set of three, like the ones from Scratch.

Our easy-to-wash chairs and tables from 4mybaby are practical, can be combined excellently with each other and retain their value. This investment is worth it!