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Baby room

A pretty baby room for the new earthling

Almost all parents can't wait until their little darling is born. As a rule, the young offspring can leave the hospital a few days after birth at the latest and move into their own realm. Various pieces of furniture should be available in every nursery.

The basic furnishings in a baby's room

So that the baby has its own area and the parents have care products quickly at hand, the room of the new earth inhabitant should have certain basics of furniture. At least a baby cot and a changing unit are part of the furnishings in the baby's room. A separate wardrobe is advantageous, as the chest of drawers often does not offer enough space. If you are already thinking about the future, you should choose furniture that can be converted and thus grow with the baby. For example, a baby cot with bars on both sides becomes a cot that is free of bars and the changing unit becomes a normal chest of drawers.

Uniform design with sets

If you prefer a coherent design, you can furnish the baby's room completely with a set that includes the most important pieces of furniture. This usually includes a baby cot, a chest of drawers and, depending on the set, a wardrobe. If additional furniture is needed, for example a wardrobe that is not part of the set, it may be possible to order one as well. The models range from classic designs to minimalist style and modern patterns.

Choose calming colours for the baby room

Both the furniture and the wall colour should have light and friendly shades, because this has a relaxing effect not only on the baby, but also on the parents. At the moment, pastel shades such as lime green, light blue and rose tones are just as fashionable as the more neutral colours crème, various shades of grey and taupe. The overall impression becomes harmonious when carpets, curtains and furniture are colour-coordinated.

Safety first

What should be self-evident does not always correspond to reality. Therefore, it is recommended that when furnishing the baby's room, you make sure that all pieces of furniture have rounded edges and corners. For the changing unit, side protection is essential so that the offspring cannot turn sideways and then fall off. The sides of the baby cot must be fitted with bars so that there is good air circulation in the bed. Even if the baby has just arrived, you should still screw all furniture to the wall right at the beginning that could tip over. If the toddler climbs up on it later, the piece of furniture could tip away to the front or side of the baby's room and bury the offspring underneath.

Additional furniture that is practical and cosy

For a baby's room to be completely furnished, it needs more as the child gets older. But even in the early days, sleep swings are a useful accessory. Furthermore, a cosy armchair will make feeding easier, especially at night. Cuddly toys, which are usually given away in droves shortly after birth, find their place in wall shelves. A small rug or two makes even a laminate or parquet floor look cosy. To make the baby's room homely already, a set of table and chairs can be placed in the room. Framed photos on the wall or on the shelf make the room look more personal.