Lunch box

The lunch box - an indispensable companion for kindergarten

What features should a bread box for kindergarten have?

To ensure that the bread box is also a reliable companion, it should meet various requirements. For example, it is important that the lid can also be opened easily by children. Clip closures usually make this possible. In addition, the lunch box should be made of a robust and easy-care material. A stainless steel lunch box from Lässig for example, meets these requirements. It is also break-resistant. But plastic boxes are also a good choice. However, they should definitely be bpa-free so that no harmful substances get into the food. To ensure that the box can be cleaned quickly after a successful day at kindergarten or school, it should be dishwasher safe if possible. Of course, our bread boxes are not only suitable for children. You can also fill a small lunch box for your baby so that healthy snacks are always ready to hand when you are on the go.

Bread box with or without compartments?

Whether a lunchbox should have compartments depends, of course, individually on how it is to be used. A box that is only intended to hold the break time snack does not need compartments. However, if you want to give your child raw vegetables and perhaps a dip in addition to the lunch, a subdivision is indispensable. Of course, such a lunch box should also be leak-proof so that no accidents happen in the school backpack or kindergarten bag. At 4mybaby you can easily find a lunch box with compartments from Sterntaler. We even have boxes with cutlery available.

Mould in the bread box - what now?

You may be familiar with this situation: The kids haven't taken their filled lunch box out of the school bag in the evening and the next day there is already a colony of mould on the box. Now it's time to get tough. First remove the mouldy food and throw it straight into the dustbin. Now the lunch box can be thoroughly rinsed with vinegar. If the mould is particularly severe, you can also fill the tin completely with vinegar and leave it to stand for several hours. This reliably kills the mould spores.