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Winter trousers

Winter trousers for children: Perfectly wrapped up through the cold season

Children's urge to move doesn't stop at cold weather, mud and snow. That's good, because this time outdoors strengthens health and motor skills. Make sure your child stays dry and warm with high-quality clothing. Modern fibres and careful workmanship won't take offence at jumping into a puddle or the next snowball fight.

The materials - a refined balance between function and comfort

Playing children do not think about cleanliness or caution. Therefore, a high standard is set for their clothing in terms of stress. Winter trousers for children have to keep up when things get rough. Modern fibres such as polyester have significantly better properties than earlier productions. Wafer-thin threads allow for light, soft and at the same time extremely resilient fabrics. Cheerful children's clothing in particular benefits from an almost unlimited range of colours.

In terms of fit, winter trousers for children are just as playful and comfortable as wide-legged mud trousers in summer. In addition to the cosy inner lining, sufficient air between the body surface and the fabric in particular provides an additional cushion of warmth. A high degree of breathability ensures that even spirited children don't break a sweat. Nevertheless, you can rely on a windproof and waterproof design.

The plus - details that matter

Especially in the dark season, safety in road traffic is important. A comfortable elasticated waistband increases the wearing comfort for your child and keeps the waistband close to the body. The trouser legs are finished off with a snow guard. So no body heat is lost even during the next turbulent snowball fight. No moisture gets inside the snow trousers. And the little ones can go on their way well packed in the buggy. Winter trousers offer a big advantage over a full-length snowsuit. In times of transition from nappy to toilet, you don't need to take them off for a long time when things have to move quickly. The braces are usually removable. Together with a winter jacket and booties, you have an all-round carefree outfit for cold, snow and rain.

By the way: Experienced manufacturers like Playshoes place special emphasis on the environmentally conscious production of fashionable children's clothing in addition to children's well-being in winter jackets, winter trousers and the like.

Cleaning and care - child's play and uncomplicated

Fun-loving children keep the washing machine busy. The wind- and waterproof fabric repels quite a bit of dirt. Sometimes wiping with a damp cloth in between is enough. Thorough cleaning succeeds in the washing machine up to 40°C. The modern fibres dry quickly.