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Winter scarf

Warm and stylish through the winter: Practical scarves for children

Winter is just around the corner, the air is getting colder and the temperatures are dropping more and more.
The little ones are also very sensitive to the cold at the neck and need to be well protected so that they don't catch a cold.
Children have rather short necks, so the scarf should not be too wide and thick so as not to constrict your darling. That's why there are practical triangular scarves made of fleece for babies. They protect your baby from the cold and are also good spit-up protection. The scarves can be easily put on and taken off with a Velcro fastener and are machine washable.
The pleasantly warm scarves are made of cotton or feather-light fleece, so they don't scratch.
They are available as a normal scarf at the front with a practical snap-in scarf function or as a tube scarf. The practical companion for cold days is available in many great colours or as a knitted scarf.