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Winter jackets

As soon as the first cold winds hit the country, they are in demand. Winter jackets. Especially indispensable for our smallest generation. Because these delicate bodies cool down even faster than we do. The range is huge and the types, shapes and colours very different. Especially the little playground conquerors prefer to wear a jacket rather than a snowsuit. This is because it is more versatile and can be taken off again when it gets warmer. To help you keep track, here is a brief summary of the most important points about winter jackets.

What material should a winter jacket be made of?

Choosing the right fabric is very necessary. It also depends on your preferences and those of your child. Polyamide and various types of polyester prove themselves year after year, especially as an outer material. These fabrics are very robust, easy to care for and protect against the cold and wet. Winter jackets usually have a lining. Cosy fleece or imitation fur are very popular.

What should you look for when buying a winter jacket?

The most important thing is the size. If the jacket is too big, the cold wind will blow through it and your child will cool down quickly. If the size is too small, the jacket may not close properly or the sleeves may ride up too far. To protect your child from the cold, the fit should be chosen correctly.

The fastening system is also important. Buttons, zips or Velcro fasteners, it is best to try out with your child what is most popular.

In winter, it is dark in the morning and late afternoon. Therefore, you should also make sure that the winter jacket you choose has protectors that shine brightly when you are in traffic.

What else does a winter jacket need?

Toddlers in particular are always active. When jumping in puddles, jumping over piles of snow and romping around in the playground, it happens very quickly that your child starts to sweat. Breathable systems in winter jackets can provide relief. Air can escape and at the same time the warmth stays in the jacket.

Water-repellent fabric, a detachable hood and a chin guard on the top zip can also be very beneficial.

The choice of colours for winter jackets is enormous. The rule here is to choose what you like. Eye-catching colours and patterns can help you keep an eye on your child in large crowds.


To find the right winter jacket, you should first consider where it will be used. A fully lined ski jacket will not look as good in the kindergarten as a sporty winter jacket with a thermal system. Suitable utensils are also important. A jacket alone is not enough in winter. A child needs a hat that covers the ears, a warm scarf, gloves and lined winter trousers.

Choose the winter jacket that suits you and your family best. Especially if it will be used daily, a jacket should be easy to care for and easy to put on and take off. See which material you find best and enjoy the winter with your little treasure without freezing.