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Winter caps

Winter fun in the snow: protect your baby with warm and stylish hats

The first winter is just around the corner, it's getting colder and you're already looking forward to watching how your little darling will react to the first snow. Most heat is lost through the head, so it's important to protect your little one from the cold temperatures with a hat.
The little ears should also be wrapped up warmly to prevent inflammation. Therefore, winter hats are equipped with extra ears or a brim. All caps are cosy, warm and windproof. Most can be fastened under the chin with a ribbon/tab so that the hat cannot slip or get lost.
Knitted hats, fleece hats, aviator hats, balaclavas or beanies - all types are made of a pleasant, non-itchy and scratchy material and protect your baby from draughts.
Perfect for the next outing with the sled or pram.
Some hats also have a UV protection factor of 50+.