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Why is the snowsuit / snow overall for children and babies the right decision?

When the cold temperatures arrive, normal children's clothes are far from sufficient and winter fashion has to be taken out of the wardrobe. Of course, this is already true for the short trip to the shops, but it is especially for the longer walk that parents should be particularly careful. Babies in prams are not protected against the corresponding influences and dangers, so the children's snowsuit ensures the necessary protection against wind and weather.

What factors play an important role when buying?

The right size plays an important role for the right children's snowsuit in the truest sense of the word. It is a mistake to buy the snow overall for baby and co. to fit the body exactly. After all, the child's entire clothing must have room under the children's snowsuit. Jumpers, trousers and the like are very bulky and take up a lot of space under the snowsuit.

If the winter overall is too compact, this naturally restricts movement considerably. Classically, modern children's snowsuits are made of polyester, both the outside and the lining. Special coatings, for example polyurethane, ensure absolute protection against moisture. Important: Even in the absolute cold of winter, a continuous exchange of air is necessary. Cheap snowsuits show clear weaknesses in breathability. This also means that air accumulates under the snowsuit. Good snowsuits therefore ensure a continuous exchange of air every time they are worn.

Both in terms of colour and general appearance, the choice today is more extensive than ever before. Even demands for a simple snowsuit with a plain design can be met, but at the same time there are also elaborately designed and colourful snowsuits to choose from. Suits with well-known characters, for example from series or films, are particularly popular.

Practical and complementary accessories in winter

However, a high-quality snow overall for baby and co. is by no means the end of optimal winter equipment. Other accessories that provide protection against the cold are also important. The focus, especially for babies, is on the pram. In order to ensure the necessary warmth even during long walks and sitting for a correspondingly long time, lambskin as an underlay,for example, or also the footmuff against cold feet . Together with the classic winter accessories, appropriate equipment ensures comfortable hours in the fresh air, even in winter. Scarf, hat and more are a must in winter, soft hand warmers also provide the necessary warmth on particularly cold days. However, as children get older, their winter needs change and the classic snow boots become more important. This makes the first steps in the snow safer and more comfortable.