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Children's gloves

High quality children's gloves at 4mybaby discover

When temperatures are low, little hands need to be particularly well protected. For this purpose, the exclusive children's gloves from our online shop are perfectly suitable. Thanks to a large selection of different materials and shapes, you are very likely to find the right models for babies and toddlers in our shop. For example, you can order mittens and finger fleece gloves from Playshoes order.

What size should children's gloves be?

The gloves should fit so that the child can still move its fingers. Gloves that are too tight are uncomfortable and do not keep warm well. Gloves that are too big, on the other hand, could get lost and also have poor thermal insulation. Before buying, it is best to measure the circumference of your child's hand. Place the measuring tape around the widest part of the hand. The thumb is not measured. The result in centimetres can be converted into glove sizes. For example, a circumference of 12 cm corresponds to glove size 1, while a circumference of 13 cm means you should go for glove size 2. If you are unsure, simply order several sizes and let your child try on the gloves.

Are children's gloves waterproof?

Most gloves for children are not waterproof, but at least water-repellent, so that hands do not get directly wet in snow or high humidity. This applies to fleece gloves or models with an anorak coating, for example. But of course you will also find waterproof models in our online shop.

What material can children's gloves be made of?

We present high-quality children's gloves made of different materials. Among other things, you can order a fleece mitten from us. When winter comes and it gets really cold outside, you can also order our gloves made of lambskin. Some of our gloves are also equipped with a polyester outer skin. This makes them particularly robust and offers first-class protection against external influences.

Which models are available at 4mybaby?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of high-quality and visually appealing gloves that keep your fingers and hands wonderfully warm. We have models for girls as well as for boys. We also cover various age groups. You will find gloves from the age of zero to six months. But there are also various models for toddlers.