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What can you find in this category?

Fleece is a material that is especially suitable for babies and toddlers, as the fabric is not only wonderfully soft, but also keeps the body warm in wind and weather. We have various models of jackets, pullovers and overalls made of fleece for babies. These are not only perfectly finished, but also fashionably designed, so that you can choose the fleece jacket for your baby to match the rest of the outfit of the day, for example.

What is fleece?

Fleece was first introduced to the market in the 1980s. The material was developed primarily for mountain and outdoor sports. The special thing about fleece is that it not only keeps you warm and protects your body from heat loss, but is also functional, lightweight and easy to care for. When choosing the right top for your children, it is important that the material is of high quality and meets the requirements mentioned. In the past few years, fabrics have repeatedly appeared on the market that did not meet the requirements mentioned. Therefore, you can be sure that we only offer fleece jackets that meet our high standards .

What should you look for when buying a fleece jacket for babies and children?

As already mentioned, when buying a fleece jacket for your offspring, it is important to make sure that it is a branded product. A good fit is also important so that the child can move well in the jacket. The fleece jacket should also not be bought too big, but should be chosen in the current size. By the way, you can find many other trendy jackets for children in our fashioncategory or in our winter fashion category.

When does a fleece jacket make sense?

You can start wearing a fleece jacket shortly after the baby is born, especially of course when it is cold outside. Fleece jackets are preferably worn during the cold season, and this also applies to children. Fortunately, these warm jackets are now available in very small sizes, so you don't have to wait until the child's first birthday to buy its first fleece jacket. Inaddition to fleece jackets, we offer a wide range of other children's jackets.