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Wrapped up warm in winter

Every year, winter arrives and parents are always faced with the question of which clothes will keep their little one warm. Many well-known brand manufacturers equip your child perfectly for this season.

If your child is born in winter, you need to protect him or her especially. Babies are not yet able to adapt to changing temperatures, as their circulatory system is still busy supplying oxygen to their organs. But your baby should not be too warm either, otherwise there is a risk of heat stroke. Find the right balance.

Cosy winter overalls for babies

Indoors, breathable garments such as fleece overalls, teddy fleece overalls or lightly padded suits are suitable. Soft and comfortable overalls always keep your baby's back covered. You can easily open these practical pieces with press studs and zips. This makes putting them on and taking them off quick and easy. If you are planning a winter outing, simply dress your baby in a thickly lined, windproof overall. With a little hat, because most heat is lost through the head, and tiny mittens, your child will feel comfortable even in ice and snow. If the wind is icy, protect your baby with a pram leg protector, pull the hood down and enjoy the winter air with your little one.

Winter outfits for babies and toddlers: Wrap up warm in all weathers

Of course, older babies and toddlers also need to be wrapped up warmly for their daily walk. With a thickly padded quilted overall combined with a knitted or tube scarf and lined mittens as well as a cute knitted bobble hat, your child can romp in the snow without getting cold. You can also comfortably pull warm overalls over fleece sets in icy temperatures so that the cold can't harm your child. A lined hat and gloves and padded booties will do the rest. If you come into a heated room, simply take off the warming items that your little one has been wearing over their normal clothes. You are always on the right side with the two-piece look. Many children find hats cool. Made of wool or as a balaclava or slip-on hat, the wind can't harm your child's sensitive ears.

High-quality winter clothing: Functionality and quality from popular brand manufacturers

Popular brand manufacturers naturally pay attention to functionality, quality, high-quality workmanship and modern design when producing their winter ranges. Things made of fleece are increasingly used in winter. Fleece fabrics come in different types, such as teddy, waffle, knit or Microfleece. This type of fabric is considered to be particularly breathable, insulating, cuddly and light. This material is also quick-drying. Many warm garments are therefore made of fleece. Fleece inserts are also ideal for hats, gloves and jackets. Neck warmers and scarves made of fleece are not only comfortable to wear, but also keep your child warm. Down and high-quality synthetic fibres are often used in the lining of winter clothing. The use of lambskin in children's clothing is often found in gloves, hats and booties. Fur has always been considered a good source of warmth.

When buying winter clothing, make sure it is waterproof and windproof. Buy overalls and winter jackets one size larger so that you can still fit a fleece or cardigan underneath and enjoy them for a long time.