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UV protection two-piece

UV protection for girls and boys - Get out in the sun!

It is important that our little ones get out into the fresh air every day. Especially in summer, small children have a lot of fun outside. Together with their parents and siblings, they go to the swimming pool or lake. Good UV protection for the little ones is also very important in our latitudes. After all, the skin cannot fend off the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays on its own. So that the sunshine hours can be enjoyed with the little ones without any regrets, care should also be taken to ensure that the swimwear has integrated UV protection.

Children's skin needs special protection

The largest sensory organ in the human body is the skin. It is only a few millimetres thick and is considered a miracle of nature. The skin serves as protection against heat and cold, and regulates salt content and moisture on its own. But only if the skin is not damaged. Harmful UV radiation can damage the skin - children's skin even faster than adults'. Because baby and children's skin is much thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. For this reason, it makes sense to shield the child's skin as much as possible when bathing in the swimming pool or at the lake. This helps to avoid long-term skin damage and the dreaded sunburn.

Lotion alone is not enough

Simply applying sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to the entire body of the child is not enough. Especially since small children often refuse to be rubbed with sunscreen all the time. In the end, this does more harm than good to the enjoyment of bathing. This is because not all sun creams are waterproof. This means that parents are constantly applying sunscreen when the child has been in the water for a short while. In addition, when children who have been rubbed with sun cream play in the sand, the sand ends up sticking to the whole body. This is because many sun creams are not absorbed directly into the skin. Instead, they form a greasy film to which the smallest particles of dirt and sand stick. Ultimately, a trip to the swimming pool or lake, or to the beach on holiday, is determined by always making sure that the child is properly sunscreened and only goes out into the sun. This is neither relaxing for the child nor for the parents. And then there is this: scientists have proven that a high proportion of harmful UV radiation penetrates the tissue despite regularly applied sunscreen.

Clothing for swimming pools, lakes and beaches with UV protection

For this reason, it makes sense to dress small children in cute two-piece swimwear that has integrated UV protection. These two-piece suits - for girls there are cute bikinis and tankinis, for boys and also girls there are swimming shirts with matching swimming trunks - are made of different fabrics that are sewn extremely tightly together. This is simple and very ingenious. This extremely tight stitching prevents harmful UV radiation from reaching the skin. This swimwear for children is offered with integrated UV protection with a UPF of up to 50. The UPF corresponds to the sun protection factor of sun creams.