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UV protection trousers

UV-protective trousers

To protect your child from harmful UV rays in the summer, UV-protective trousers are an important item of clothing. The trousers protect the sensitive skin of babies and children and also look really good.

What you should look for when choosing UV-protective trousers

Since children are very sensitive and picky, parents should make sure that the child actually likes the design of the respective trousers. Otherwise, he or she may not wear the trousers, so that the money spent on them is wasted. Therefore, it is best to make the choice together with the child. But before making the final choice, parents should make a preliminary selection, which must take into account some technical aspects. For example, parents should make sure that the material from which the selected UV-protective trousers are made does not irritate the child's tender skin and has no contact allergies. Cotton and polyester best meet this requirement, so the ideal pants should be made of one of these two materials. It is no less important that the material has a UV protection factor of at least 50. This is due to the fact that holes in the ozone layer in the atmosphere become larger and larger with each passing year, so that UV exposure becomes more severe with each passing year. Therefore, UV-protective trousers must have as high a UV protection factor as possible in order to fulfil their main function.

What else is important to consider? The material should be elastic so that it can adapt to the child's figure. At the same time, it must be robust enough to maintain its impermeability to water in salt or chlorinated water. This is because water in almost all baths is cleaned of bacteria with chlorine, while the water in the oceans is always salty. The ability of the material to allow the skin to breathe freely is also important. Since most parents do not want to buy disposable pants, they should make sure that the chosen model is washable. The required temperature regime should be typical for washing machines so that parents do not have to struggle with manual washing. With all this in mind, the pre-selected trousers should be affordable. Only when enough models of trousers have been found that meet all the above-mentioned conditions is it worthwhile to switch on the child to choose from the pre-selected trousers the one that he or she also likes. Then the really right choice is made.

Important factors when choosing UV-protective trunks in summary:

  • The swimming trunks should please the child.
  • They should have a protection factor of at least 50.
  • The trunks should be the right size.
  • They must be resistant to salt water and chlorine.
  • The chosen shorts should definitely be breathable and elastic so that the child's skin is comfortable.
  • Ideally, the chosen trousers should be machine washable.