UV protection one-piece

Urge for sun

With small children, you should go out into the fresh air every day. In summer, this is no problem. Many children don't even want to go home from the playground with their parents or grandparents. But there, everyday life and the daily things that parents and grandparents have to do in the house are waiting. But when it's time to spend some family time, the little ones go to the open-air swimming pool, to the bathing lake in the summer and to the beach on holiday. Especially when children are outdoors for a longer period of time, in the fresh air but in the blazing sun, many adults are afraid for their children. It is not a question of them having an accident while playing. Rather, adults are worried about the sensitive skin of the little ones.

Children's skin is particularly sensitive

The skin of adults is not particularly thick. The skin of small children is even thinner and therefore even more sensitive. That's why many parents spend a lot of time in the open-air swimming pool, at the lake or on the beach constantly rubbing sunscreen on their little ones. But such a trip to the open-air swimming pool, the bathing lake or a holiday at the beach can be very stressful for parents who are always concerned about the skin health of their children. Children are very active and like to play in the sand, build sand castles or experiment with sand and water in combination on the beach. Dirt and sand can stick to children's skin while they are playing. Sunscreen is not entirely innocent of this. Not every sunscreen product is waterproof and absorbs immediately into the skin. Many creams leave a film on the skin. And this film attracts sand and dirt. Many parents soon realise that sunscreen alone is not enough. But you definitely want to protect your children from long-term skin damage and especially from the dreaded sunburn. For this purpose, there are special UV-protective swimsuits for children that protect them from the sun.

Swimming costumes and overalls for better UV protection

To relieve the burden on most parents who do not want to be constantly busy putting lotion on their children's skin in the open-air swimming pool, at the bathing lake or on the beach on holiday, there is great swimwear with UV protection - from chic and colourful swimming costumes for girls to unisex swim overalls in multiple designs. There are swimsuits with short sleeves and short legs, but also in the combination of long sleeves and long legs. Thanks to this almost all-round protection, parents can show much more composure during the excursion to the open-air swimming pool or the bathing lake and on the beach on holiday. The secret of these UV-protective one-piece suits is the different layers of fabric that are sewn extremely tightly together. These swimwear one-pieces are offered with integrated UV protection with UPF up to 50, whereby the UPF corresponds to the sun protection factor of sun creams.