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Summer caps

What kind of summer hats can you find in this category?

Summer caps and headgear in general are very important for children, because the head of the offspring should not only be protected from cold and wind, but also from heat and intense sun. With one of our high-quality summer hats, you can protect your child's head from the strong sun and at the same time get a fashionable accessory that looks good on every baby and toddler. We offer sun protection in many variations. Parents are particularly fond of models that not only protect against glare, but also have a neck guard. We offer the little hats in many colours and patterns as well as in several materials. Of course, the headwear is washable.

Why is UV protection clothing necessary?

In recent years, the weather has changed noticeably. Weather extremes such as storms or floods are increasingly accompanied by hot and dry summers. In addition, the intensity of the sun has increased noticeably. In order to protect the delicate and usually very light skin of the child with the appropriate protective clothing, it is therefore essential to wear a small cap when the sun is strong. You should also pay attention to the eyes and ideally choose a summer hat with a small visor. In addition to hat fashion, which you can order from us under UV protection clothing , you can also find many modern items of clothing for your little one in our fashion section.

Why you need to pay special attention to headwear in summer?

As already mentioned, the climate has changed a lot in recent years. This is accompanied by hot summers and increasing sun exposure, which is more and more comparable to the heat and sun exposure in southern countries. Since the child's skin is still very sensitive and the head in general needs to be protected because it is still developing, it should be a matter of course to put a small cap on the child's head every time he or she goes out into the fresh air. The cap can be fashionable and match the rest of the outfit. Of course, it is also important in winter that your child wears a suitable cap on his or her head. You can find these in our shop under winter hats. In addition to summer and winter hats, we have a wealth of other practical equipment for children in our shop.