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Why sun protective clothing is important

Compared to adult skin, children's skin is not yet fully developed. It must therefore be additionally protected. Before going out in the sun, it is important to consider how children's skin can be protected from UV radiation. The best way to do this is to buy appropriate clothing.

When buying sun protective clothing for children or babies, make sure that it is light and airy. The little ones must not sweat. It is also important to make sure that baby swimwear with UV protection really covers all parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Such protective clothing should be worn as early as possible.

Small babies should not be exposed to direct sunlight anyway. The older they get, the more likely this is to happen. For this reason, it is never too early to wear the appropriate weather protective clothing.

UV protective clothing for children: How it works

Clothing that protects against UV rays does so primarily against UV-B rays. With a sun protection factor between 40 and 50, it corresponds to common and well-protecting sun creams. The clothing is made of normal and common materials.

It only protects so well because the fibres are more tightly woven. This prevents the sun's rays from passing through. In addition, special substances are used in some protective clothing. Titanium dioxide is one such substance. The clothing itself does not look any different from other clothing.

Children and baby sun protection: What you need

In addition to UV protective clothing, there are lots of other accessories for a day at the beach to protect babies from the sun, such as sun protection for the car seat. Bathing is one of the most popular activities with small children. Here, too, safety should come first and swimming aids are a must, especially for small children. For a visit to the beach or the open-air swimming pool, a baby swimming costume with UV protection, children's bathing shoes and a baby sun tent should not be missing.