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Dresses and skirts

Chic girls' dresses for all ages

Dresses and skirts are very popular with little and bigger girls and inspire with their diverse designs, countless colours and high-quality materials. Dresses for girls are not only pretty to look at, they offer a lot of freedom of movement and a high level of wearing comfort. What's more, children's dresses are particularly appealing with collections featuring romantic and cute prints as well as sophisticated details such as ruffles, bows or cap sleeves.

Cute dresses for babies and toddlers

Not only comfortable baby trousers and shirts can be found in little girls' wardrobes, but also adorable baby dresses and skirts. In addition to dresses suitable for everyday wear, there are festive baby dresses in which the little ones look simply enchanting. The models are already available from size 50 or 56, so that even newborns can wear little dresses. Airy materials and light fabrics are suitable for summer, while in autumn a comfortable knitted dress in combination with matching tights and children's shoes are part of the wardrobe. Combined with knee socks or trousers such as leggings, the pretty baby dresses can be worn all year round.

For weddings, birthdays or family celebrations, playful frilly dresses in light colours such as beige, white, pink and yellow are popular. At Christmas, darker colours such as purple or red are preferred. Many baby dresses are made of velvety fabrics or high-quality silk-like materials. How practical are the models for babies actually and how quickly can the dresses be put on and taken off? Small details like a zipper or button placket at the back or shoulder level prove to be a great help. Almost every baby dress has such functional and practical details. Size charts help to determine the right size of dress for your child. Generally, there are sizes 50, 62,68 and 74 for the very youngest under one year. But depending on your child's height and weight, this may vary.

Dresses for one to five year old girls(size 80 to 122)

This age group needs easy-care, comfortable dresses that are suitable for playing and romping around the nursery. Today's fashion collection of girls' dresses leaves nothing to be desired; they meet all requirements. For everyday wear, strappy dresses, corduroy dresses, jeans dresses or girls' dresses made of cotton are very popular with the little ladies. Girls' dresses have to be able to withstand a lot. To ensure that your child's favourite dress stays beautiful for a long time, hard-wearing materials are particularly suitable for everyday dresses. Dresses are especially popular in summer, because the choice is huge. Butterfly appliqués, stripes, beautiful colour gradients or glitter - girls' dreams come true here. For festive occasions there are pretty dresses, often on sale, with appliqués, sequins, lace details or tulle skirts. Brand dresses or designer dresses for girls inspire with their variety of colours, models and fashionable details as well as a high-quality finish of excellent materials. There are also numerous dresses from renowned manufacturers for school enrolment, birthdays or other festive occasions.

Girls' dresses for six to twelve year olds (size 128 to 164)

A school child knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't. When choosing a girl's dress, you can involve your child at this age. In addition to outdoor activities such as riding a bike or scooter, she now sits at her desk more often. From primary school age onwards, dresses for girls can sometimes be a little plainer. Stripes, dots, fashionable prints and flowers are still trendy patterns. Dresses with motifs or romantic, playful dresses are also very popular with little girls. When it comes to children's dresses, casual shirt dresses with belts, sweat dresses or cotton dresses score points in everyday and leisure time. In the autumn and winter months, models with long or short sleeves are popular in combination with a cardigan. Matching shoes complete the perfect look. Girls who like to wear two-piece suits will enjoy a beautiful skirt that can be combined with fashionable tops and T-shirts. Flouncy skirts with cute patterns by well-known fashion designers look light and playful. Denim skirts with fringes and sequins or mini skirts made of soft fabrics or denim are the right choice for holidays or leisure activities with friends.