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Cool combos, skirts and dresses for fashionable kids

If you like to dress your baby so that the colours and materials of the clothes harmonise perfectly, then it's best to choose one of the beautiful combinations. The pieces from the combos always match each other. Multi-piece sets consist of at least two pieces, but can also be three-piece or four-piece sets and contain even more pieces. The combinations of the sets are varied. You will find sets consisting of skirt and blouse, shirt and waistcoat, and jacket and trousers, among others. When the sun is shining, dress your little one in a nice breezy outfit. Combinations of T-shirt and shorts are perfect for this. If summer is over and the clothes still fit your child's size, simply continue to use the T-shirt under a jumper or cardigan. It's cool for little girls to continue wearing the short jeans or dungarees on cooler days with tights underneath, for example.

Stylish sets for babies: rompers, jeans and more!

Your baby is sure to look cute in a printed romper suit with a plain shirt. Jeans are trendy at any age. Jeans sets are available in a variety of combinations such as with shirts, jumpers, t-shirts and other tops. With a set of three, you even get a chic jacket or cute waistcoat to go with it. Sets of jogging trousers and light long-sleeved shirts are very comfortable for your little one when playing. Combinations of dungarees and polo shirts are also very popular. The dungarees can't slip and your child won't get a cold back. The best known and most popular two-piece sets are the jogging suits as well as the tracksuits. Comfortable for sports activities or for leisure time.

Festive children's outfits: overalls and combos for boys in different styles

Stylish combinations of two or three pieces that you can dress your child in for festivities or special holidays are available for boys as pretty overalls or as combos with trousers and polo shirt.

Enchanting girls' dresses for festive occasions and everyday life

Your little princess will shine on festive occasions in a little dress with a bow or in a charming dirndl. Girls love to wear dresses. Short-sleeved summer dresses are nice and airy. The two-piece dresses come with little patterned panties. On cooler summer days, the favourite dress doesn't have to stay in the wardrobe. Your child is fashionably styled with leggings or tights under the best piece. Dresses are also suitable for winter. Cosy warm fabrics as well as long sleeves keep your little one warm. Combine them with thermal leggings as well as thermal tights. Skirts are the classic for little elves. Your little one will look enchanting in a flouncy skirt or a strappy skirt. With the matching top and chic little shoes, your little one has "star appeal". No matter if you have to go to a party, to the toddler group or for a visit, the typical girl's clothes are always the right choice. The new fashion trend is called the jumpsuit. This comfortable lightweight suit is perfect for the playground. Your daughter will certainly not want to take it off again.

High-quality and safe children's fashion from renowned brand manufacturers

When buying textiles, always make sure that they are dyed without toxic colours and do not contain any harmful substances. When caring for clothes, always follow the cleaning recommendations so that your little one can wear them for a long time.

Various well-known brand manufacturers have varying clothing combinations for boys and girls as well as skirts and dresses in fashionable colours, cool patterns and fun motifs in their range.