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Rain pants kids

Playing in wind and weather: the perfect mud pants

No matter whether it's spring, summer or autumn - children enjoy rain and mud at any time of the year, while many parents tend to get their hair mussed in such weather. At the latest when the little darling starts to walk, the purchase of muddy trousers is essential.

At a glance: What are muddy trousers?

Muddy trousers are the basic item in children's wardrobes, ensuring that your child stays dry in rainy weather. Their special material protects your treasure from penetrating wetness and cold wind. This makes mud pants one of the items of clothing that can protect your child from catching a cold. This makes it all the more important for parents to know what criteria to look for when buying mud pants.

Muddy trousers as an indispensable companion in kindergarten

Every parent should know that mud pants are an irreplaceable piece of clothing for kindergarten. The majority of kindergartens place great emphasis on outdoor play and exploration, and the weather is irrelevant to such activities. To enable your child to act dry and warm outdoors, the purchase of mud trousers is inevitable. While the majority of parents of toddlers opt for dungarees such as the Rukka Dinu rain trousers, parents of children aged four and above often opt for half trousers such as the Playshoes rain trousers.

The ABC of rain pants: What to look for when buying mud pants?

Pay attention to the material combination!

In order for mud pants to fulfil their function, parents must make sure that they are water-repellent when buying them. For this, parents should pay attention to the water column, which is a value that assesses how waterproof a pair of rain pants is. Only from a water column of 1300 millimetres is a fabric considered absolutely waterproof. However, experts advise parents to rather opt for mud trousers with a water column of at least 3000 millimetres. In this context, they refer to the intensive use of such trousers, especially when playing in the kindergarten.

Few parents will be surprised if they are advised to make sure that their children's clothing is free of harmful substances. Recommended are mud pants that have polyester as the inner material and polyurethane as the outer material. This combination of materials is most likely to ensure that the pants are comfortable to wear even in cold weather.

The perfect fit of mud trousers with braces and foot loops

First of all, it is important that mud trousers for children fit loosely, after all they are usually worn over everyday clothes. In order to provide your little darling with maximum wearing comfort as well as unrestricted freedom of movement, the casual fit is therefore a must.

If you are afraid that the trousers will slip with the recommended loose fit, you should consider another criterion when buying mud trousers for your child: the braces. These ensure that your child's rain pants do not slip. Adjustable braces in particular offer a great advantage because they grow with your child and can therefore be worn for several seasons. Rain trousers that feature side press studs offer the advantage that the width of the trousers can be adjusted individually.

In this context, the foot loops of the rain trousers are also a great advantage, as they ensure that the trousers do not slip over the shoes and hinder the penetration of rain and mud into them.

A model such as the Playshoes rain dungarees combines these advantages. With their bright colours, they also put you in a good mood in bad weather.

Also suitable for the cold season: mud pants with fleece

If you are looking for mud pants that will not only protect your child from getting wet, but also from the cold, then you should consider fleece-lined rain pants. One fleece-lined model, for example, is the Playshoes rain dungarees fleece. Not only can their width be adjusted, but they also come in numerous universal and bright colours.

With fleece provide wonderful insulation that is great for cold autumn and winter days. This positive property, however, turns into a disadvantage in the warm spring and summer months. This is because the insulation makes your child sweat quickly in warm outdoor temperatures. Therefore, lined mud trousers are only suitable seasonally.

Follow the advice and treat your little treasure to unforgettable play, even in uncomfortable weather! We hope you have fun browsing!