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Transitional caps

Cosy and stylish transitional hats for your newborn family member

Finally, the time has come for the new family member to come home!

In the first few weeks, your little darling still has a lot of trouble controlling his temperature himself and everyone knows that you lose the most heat through your head. With our cute fashion for babies and a transitional hat, your baby is protected from cold and draughts and the little ears are wrapped up warmly.

The delicate skin on the baby's head is also protected. To prevent the little cotton beanies from slipping or getting lost, they are usually equipped with ribbons to secure the beanie under the chin. The thin beanis are also ideal for older children. The thin fabric means your child won't sweat in them, but they are still protected from the wind and cold.

With cool shapes and upbeat designs, a transitional beanie is also a fashionable eye-catcher. Most transitional beanies also include a UV protection factor of 50+, are easy to care for and machine washable. In our range you will find even more of our UV protective clothing for your little darling.