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Painting aprons

Children's painting aprons - Why use them at all?

Children should be allowed to give free rein to their creativity and handle watercolours, felt-tip pens and glue to their heart's content. The younger a child is, the more often mishaps happen. To protect children's clothes from glue residue and paint splashes, your child should ideally wear a painting apron. The painting apron offers many advantages and is easy to put on or tie around. There are suitable models for girls and boys. Painting aprons are used at home, at school or in the kindergarten. Painting aprons are also a great gift. The apron is available for as little as CHF 11.

Painting aprons - the advantages

Painting aprons can be put on by children without adults in just a few steps. They are comfortable to wear, waterproof and have elastic cuffs. The colourful painting aprons look fun, protect clothes from stains and, depending on the model, have a small pocket. There are painting aprons with long ties, Velcro fasteners or elastic bands. These make it easier to put on the painting aprons. The painting aprons are versatile and can also be put on when doing handicrafts, cooking or baking. Another advantage of painting aprons is that they are easy to clean and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Many aprons are made of 100 percent polyester with a 100 percent polyurethane coating. The washable material ensures that the painting apron retains a good appearance after repeated use. You can buy the painting apron for your child cheaply for a few CHF. The price can vary from 11 CHF to 15 CHF.

Painting apron - sleeveless or long sleeves

There are sleeveless models where the front and back of the clothes are protected. Painting aprons with long sleeves, on the other hand, offer all-round protection and keep the clothes clean. Painting aprons with long sleeves have an elastic waistband so that your child can devote himself to his artwork undisturbed. The back of the painting apron is slightly shorter so that the children can sit down without any problems. Depending on the model, the aprons are made of cotton or water-repellent plastic. Painting aprons with sleeves are ideal for smaller children. If your child is bigger, then a painting apron without sleeves is a good choice. Already in the nursery, little ones learn to handle water and paint and need appropriate protection. This requires fine motor skills that still need to be learned. A sleeveless painting apron prevents your child from accidentally spilling paint on himself. This provides optimal protection.

Painting aprons - a large selection

Depending on age and model, painting aprons reach halfway up the child's thigh and can be between 38 - 65 cm long. There are painting aprons with different motifs, colours and designs. Girls love romantic motifs or figures in feminine colours Disney figures in feminine colours such as pink or purple. Boys like football motifs and superhero designs. When choosing, you should be guided by your child's taste. In the online shop 4mybaby.ch you can buy high-quality painting aprons for your child for just a few CHF. The Aladine painting apron is made of transparent plastic and has an appealing owl motif. The children's painting apron can be attached to the back with a Velcro fastener and offers a good fit. The children's painting apron is equipped with three sewn-on pockets so that brushes and crayons are always at hand for the little artist. The children's apron is suitable for children aged 3-5 years. It costs CHF 11.60. You can also buy the Playshoes children 's apron in the colours navy or red. The children's painting smock can simply be pulled over the head and the shirt or jumper is protected. There are two press studs on the side and three pockets in the front for painting materials. The red painting apron costs 13.90 CHF and the navy apron 13.90 CHF. There is also Hape painting set, which consists of a nylon apron, palette and brush. You can get the set for 15.90 CHF.