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Trendy accessories are part of a spiced-up outfit.

Is your little darling wearing his favourite top, or his favourite trousers today, and would like these items of clothing to stand out especially on an outing? Then our accessories are just the right choice!

To give those funky jeans or classic black trousers a really casual pimping, a belt is the perfect addition. Not only the trousers can be brought to the fore, but also your favourite top. A beautiful necklace or a fashionable belt adds a nice touch to the complete outfit. There are also great accessories in winter, which can be presented in the best possible way in public. A trendy headband protects children's sensitive ears very well. With cool knee pads, crawling is twice as much fun.

Let our selection inspire you and find the perfect accessories for your child's daily outfit. Are you still looking for a beautiful wardrobe? You're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our nursery category!