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training underpants

Potty training with the training pants from 4mybaby

At some point in a toddler's life, the time comes when the nappy has to give way. Step by step, the child should be introduced to controlled urination. This requires patience, tact and the right tools. Training pants can make the transition period much easier for parents and child and make the transition from nappy to potty more pleasant. At 4mybaby you can buy high-quality training pants with colourful designs from the manufacturers kushies and Zoocchini order.

What are training pants actually for?

Many toddlers quickly think that they no longer need a nappy and just want to wear normal pants. Sometimes mum and dad also decide that your child could now slowly get used to the potty. In both cases, however, the change should be made gently. Otherwise there will always be urine accidents, which nobody really wants. So-called training pants are a good alternative here. They are visually indistinguishable from normal pants. In fact, however, an absorbent layer is incorporated that safely catches small amounts of urine and thus prevents the entire clothing from becoming soaked. At the same time, children feel the wetness and learn better when it is time to go to the toilet. Training pants are therefore particularly suitable for the time when the child is no longer wearing a nappy, but cannot yet control its urge to urinate 100%.

At what age should training pants be used?

As a rule, children reach a stage of development that allows potty training at around two years of age. Of course, your child will not become dry in a very short time. It usually takes until around the 28th month of life for the child to reliably go to the toilet or potty during the day. It can even take another five months before your child becomes dry at night. That's why we have training pants for children aged two to three and three to four. Just pick the right size and look forward to great designs.

How can I wash training pants?

Most training pants can be washed normally at 40°C, so they will get really clean. Some of them are even suitable for tumble drying. If this is not the case, they can also be quickly dried in the air. So that you always have a pair of training pants to hand, even if there are a few in the wash, it's best to get several.