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First socks

Which socks are suitable for the child as first-time socks?

Cold feet are just as unpleasant for small babies as they are for adults. That's why baby socks are a special part of the initial outfitting. Whether cute socks with lace, bows or frills, casual socks from Sterntaler, Playshoes or other brands, but it's better to crochet or knit them yourself - baby socks not only look cute, they should also keep the child warm.

Baby socks are very important for the baby. They are still used to a good 37 degrees in the womb, which is almost as warm as in the Canary Islands. Therefore, it is not surprising that babies are always cold after they are born. They lose most of their warmth through their head, but also through their little feet. For this reason, a little hat and firstborn socks provide a pleasantly warm feeling and the necessary security that the child so urgently needs now. First-time socks are primarily characterised by the high cuffs, which also prevent the child from freezing.
Baby or first-time socks should generally be used immediately after birth. Of course, there are some differences in the size of the socks. Immediately after birth, the first baby socks are used because the little feet are still very small. After that, normal baby socks can be used. There are also special first-time socks for premature babies. Socks for premature babies are a little smaller than first-time socks.

What should I look for in first-time baby socks?

Of course, baby socks should be comfortable. The sock design is also a decisive argument. For this reason, the socks should always match the outfit in terms of colour and design. There are many models available in the shops, so there is plenty of choice and you can decide what suits your little sunshine best, depending on your taste. Cotton socks are the most suitable for babies, but sometimes artificial fibres such as polyester or elastane are also used.

Cotton is a pure natural fibre and has many advantages. In contrast to synthetic fibres, it is very absorbent and is considered particularly skin-friendly. Cotton is pleasant and soft on the skin and has a low allergy potential. Parents are guaranteed not to make a mistake when buying these socks.

Elastane is a very stretchy synthetic fibre and gives the socks the necessary elasticity. Polyester is extremely easy to care for and promises a remarkably long shelf life. Especially strong colours are intense for a long time. A terry cloth fabric is also well suited for baby's feet, as it is very cuddly and also pleasant to wear.