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Anti-slip socks

Secure hold and comfortable warmth: The popular ABS socks for young and old.

The popular ABS socks are popular with both young and old. The non-slip socks provide pleasant warmth and prevent your little one from slipping during their first attempts at walking. The soft, non-penetrating sole makes the non-slip socks ideal when it's too cold to walk barefoot.

Anti-slip socks offer more freedom of movement than fins, so the arch of the foot can develop better. When playing on the floor, the socks are super comfortable without an annoying hard sole. You can even sit cross-legged with them. They take up hardly any space and can be taken anywhere.

Whether with a tractor for the boys or a cute kitten for the girls - the easy-care slide socks are available for everyone, plain, colourful or with a favourite motif.