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Wonderful underwear

The category underwear for children includes many necessary items of clothing that you will definitely need for your child, no matter what age. The manufacturers of well-known brands present articles from their assortment here, with which the little feet and legs of your little one can be kept warm or ensure that your child cannot slip. However, these garments are not only intended to keep your child warm, but often also to complete a fashionable outfit. Furthermore, you can find helpful pants that have an integrated leakage protection. When buying, make sure that the items are made of skin-friendly, soft and high-quality materials, as most of them are worn directly on the skin. Low-quality underwear may contain harmful substances that can cause allergies in your little one.

Easy as pie to get dry - training pants for nappy farewells

Every beginning is hard, even taking off nappies. With these cute training pants made of skin-friendly materials, training your little one to get clean is child's play. Sometimes the toilet is not within easy reach for your child. If a little mishap happens, it's no problem because the training pants don't let anything leak out. Two different models are available for your child to enthusiastically swap in their nappies. Choose either the training pants as boxers or panties. The colours and fun animal motifs vary. Big heroes will be delighted with a fox, a lion or a monster face as a print. Big princesses are guaranteed to feel comfortable in panties with prints of unicorns, baby dinosaurs or owls. Convenient packs of three, of which you should buy several, ensure that you always have one of these practical pants to hand. The underwear is made of one hundred percent organic cotton, washable at forty degrees and absolutely indispensable for getting clean.

Stylish and warm through the year - The versatile tights for children

The next "must have" are the tights. Also good for little boys to wear under their trousers or snow overalls on cooler days. For girls, tights are not only for keeping warm, but are an indispensable, chic as well as fashionable accessory. With a skirt, dress or long jumper, they go everywhere. Trendy colours, pretty patterns and different textures of the material make them the perfect companion all year round. For winter, you can get thermal tights for your little doll so she can wear her favourite dress in winter too.

For warm and protected feet - the varied selection of socks for children

Socks should not be missing from your baby's wardrobe, of course. Everyone knows how quickly blisters develop when you walk barefoot in shoes. In summer, for example, thin cotton socks ensure that your children don't rub their feet sore in their shoes when they sweat. The socks range has a huge selection of different colours, shapes and patterns for your children's feet. You're sure to find the right socks to match your little one's cool outfit. For winter, discover plush, terry, knitted and fleece socks. The thick socks can also be worn over a pair of thinner socks. Anti-slip socks are particularly suitable for this. The nubs under the sole provide a secure grip when walking on tiles, parquet and laminate.

Cosy warmth for the feet: boot socks made of fleece for children

It's easy for feet to get cold in wellies when the cooler months arrive. Boot socks made of fleece provide optimum warmth for little feet and ensure a pleasant "foot climate" thanks to their breathable properties. Take a look at our SALE!