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The right children's shoes for your offspring

Is your child just learning to walk and you want to support his or her development in the best possible way? Then the right footwear is of great importance, especially for your toddler. With high-quality children's shoes, you can minimise the risk of a fall and at the same time promote your child's joy of movement.

From the first year of life, many motor development steps follow one another. The child explores its environment and becomes more independent. It pulls itself up on pieces of furniture, climbs over steps and tentatively dares to take its first steps. When your child is exactly at this stage of development, it is time for its first baby walking shoes. Good quality is important here.

How to recognise suitable children's shoes

When choosing shoes for your offspring, you should make sure that they fit properly. The shoe should not pinch at the heel or toes, nor should it be too big. The footbed should be soft and comfortable so that it adapts perfectly to the little foot. It is also important that the children's shoe is breathable so that the feet do not sweat too quickly. When it comes to the sole, make sure that it is flexible and in no case too stiff. Ideally, the child should be able to feel the surface on which it is walking and thus gain its first tactile experience of walking. In addition, the sole should be slip-resistant so that the risk of a fall can be kept as low as possible. Last but not least, it is an advantage if the shoes are machine-washable.

The consequences of unsuitable shoes

If children wear the wrong footwear, this can have serious consequences. Shoes that fit too tightly cause calluses and pressure points and, in the worst case, can deform the soft little feet. Many children permanently tighten their toes if the shoes are too small and they press against the toe of the shoe at the front. In most children, this results in foot malpositions and postural defects, so that orthopaedic help becomes necessary at an early age.

But shoes that are too big can also prevent children from developing optimally. Some parents think they are doing themselves a favour by buying shoes that are too big for their toddler. They assume that the child will then benefit from the shoes for longer because it can grow into them. But shoes that are too loose make the foot slide back and forth inside the shoe. The child stumbles and falls or even loses its shoes while running or climbing. These shoes are more of an obstacle in everyday life and are as unsuitable as they are dangerous.

The right children's shoes for every season

Once your child has discovered the joy of movement, it is advisable to have the right footwear in your wardrobe for every season. Light, breathable models with a thin, non-slip sole are particularly suitable for summer. For the swimming pool, you can also buy excellent bathing shoes that are quick-drying and non-slip and even offer good UV protection. For winter, on the other hand, lined, waterproof shoes with a thicker sole are more appropriate. With the right shoes, your child will continue to enjoy exercise.