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Sandals and Flip Flops

Summer footwear fashion for the little ones: cool flip-flops and comfortable sandals for carefree fun in the sand and water.

Summer at last! The fun can begin: Building sandcastles with dad or stomping in the water with mum!

We already have cool flip-flops and sandals for the little ones that can also get wet.
They are made entirely of soft material (100% recyclable PVC), fit little feet and are very comfortable. A stretch band at the heel or a velcro fastener provides the necessary support.

Besides the popular flip-flops, sandals are just the thing during the warm summer days. They protect little feet from the sometimes hot ground and give them the necessary and important support despite the flexible sole. Thanks to the practical Velcro fastener, they can be put on or taken off in a flash and fit the foot perfectly. They are made of only the best materials, come in many great, fashionable colours and are equipped with a non-slip sole.

Now the weather just has to be right!