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rubber boots children

Wellingtons for children for more fun in bad weather.

So jumping into the puddle is really fun! Wellingtons for children are robust companions well beyond kindergarten age. However, as parents you should consider a few things when buying this practical footwear. In addition to the right size, wearing comfort also plays an important role so that the health of the feet is maintained and the offspring feel completely comfortable.

Do the rubber boots fit?

As parents, you know this: just because the clothes fit this week doesn't mean they will fit the next. What is immediately obvious with jackets does not apply to shoes. Small children do not necessarily report when their boots no longer fit. That's why parents should check. With children's rubber boots, this is quite easy. Press gently on the toe area of the boots when the child has put them on and he or she has stood up. Are the toes a good half-thumb from the front edge? Then the boot fits in length. Are there no toes or joints showing in the side area? Then the rubber boots also fit well in width. Nothing stands in the way of jumping in puddles.

Wellingtons with a high shaft - very practical

Wellingtons for children are available with different heights. For the little ones, a short shaft is perfectly adequate. They usually don't develop enough strength to jump into puddles with so much momentum that a high shaft would be necessary. They should not wade into streams anyway. It's different with older children. The little explorers take great pleasure in testing when the water spills over the shaft and into their boots. With a high shaft, your child is the winner. The feet stay dry.

Lined boots against the wet and cold

Unlined rubber boots are quickly too cold in winter. But as a lined version, they are a real winner. Mud and slush really can't harm these universal talents among footwear. Feet stay warm and dry. The important thing is that lined boots should be one size larger so that children's feet have enough room, as is also important with gloves. A small layer of air should always remain. When the little ones do get back into the pram, the right rain cover ensures that they are still protected from the wet and cold.

Baby wellies:Wellies for boys and girls

Personal taste is decisive. Nevertheless, girls and boys have different ideas about rubber boots. In the first years of life, both usually like colourful boots with funny motifs and bright colours. But this can change as early as kindergarten age. The preferred colours for boys become darker, but may be decorated with well-known heroes from TV. Wellingtons for girls are usually more colourful and playful. Fortunately, all variants serve their purpose. They are waterproof and thus safely protect against wetness when playing in the garden, on the playground and on excursions into nature.