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Bathing shoes

Summer, water, sun and sand - Protect your little treasure with comfortable and safe bathing shoes.

So much sand to play in and so much water, this definitely fascinates your little treasure. The long-awaited family holiday at the seaside is finally here and your little treasure can hardly wait to explore the sand and splash around in the water.

But to prevent possible injuries, it is advisable to choose bathing shoes for your child. These protect against shards, sea urchins and other dangers that can lurk in the sand and water. In addition to protection, many bathing shoes also offer a UV protection factor of 50+ to protect your child's sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays.

These shoes are not only ideal for beach holidays, but also for going to the indoor or outdoor pool at home. The non-slip sole allows your little darling to romp around safely on slippery floors in the indoor pool.

Another advantage of bathing shoes is their protection against unpleasant fungal infections. Wearing the shoes prevents direct contact with possibly infected surfaces. With comfortable and functional bathing shoes, your child is well equipped to enjoy the summer at the seaside to the fullest and play carefree.