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Short sleeve bodysuits

Indispensable short-sleeved bodysuits for babies - comfortable and versatile

The short-sleeved bodysuit is rightly an indispensable piece of clothing in your baby's life for the first weeks and months. It belongs in every baby's basic outfit.
Thanks to its many press studs, it is much easier to put on and take off, especially when your darling is still very small. The buttons allow the bodysuit to be opened from top to bottom and you can change your baby in the bodysuit without having to pull it over their head.
The classic short-sleeved bodysuit is an excellent all-rounder and probably the most frequently bought bodysuit. It can be worn all year round. In winter as underwear, in summer instead of a T-shirt or even as a pajama substitute.
Equipped with a flexible neckline or buttons on the shoulder, getting dressed is no problem. It can also be unbuttoned at the crotch to help you when changing nappies. The cuddly soft bodysuits are easy to care for, very elastic, do not constrict your little one and keep him warm.
Whether plain, colourful, with cute motifs, polo or lace collar - the short-sleeved bodysuit is easy to combine and fits under any outfit.