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Romper suit

Probably the most popular and uncomplicated item of clothing for newborns is the romper suit. It is the baby uniform of the 20th century and a must-have in the first outfit for all parents-to-be. The romper suit is a great gift for the birth of your child and its companion for years to come. Every member of the family wants to dress the new arrival as trendy and fashionable as possible and for this purpose there are baby rompers in all colours and materials. The romper suit is an all-rounder, an overall, a complete outfit.

Experts recommend that baby's clothes should always be chosen so that they never protrude over the face. Therefore, one-piece body rompers are always a good option, especially for babies. The romper suit offers your baby comfort and security. And if Junior is doing well in the baby bodysuit, then the parents' hearts are happy too.

Baby rompers offer a comfortable option at any time of the year. A wide selection of sleeveless bodysuits, baby rompers with long sleeves, baby pyjamas with feet, adorable outfits for nurseries or playtime can be found in our fashion category. Take a look around. There are bodysuits for every theme, holiday and mood! Your baby will be protected from sunlight, dirt and strong weather and still have the freedom of movement they need to feel good. Baby rompers are true combination talents.

What are the things to consider when buying a romper suit?

When it comes to clothing your newborn, there are a few factors to consider. The main focus should be on the quality and softness of the material. To help you make the best choice, we have summarised the most important features of a good body romper for you here. This will help you choose the best clothes for your Minnies.

Material and fabric of a good quality romper suit

100% cotton. Softness and comfort are the most important facets of good baby clothes. Cotton is natural and gentle on baby's sensitive skin, making it the ideal fabric for infants. In addition, cotton is excellent at regulating temperature and moisture. This keeps the baby cool when it is hot and warm when the thermometer drops. Cotton is durable and can be washed often. We all know that babies are not the cleanest members of the family!

Model and style

Rompers are specifically designed to make dressing your baby easier and avoid stress. Depending on the model and style, rompers have an expandable shoulder neckline, a large leg opening, press studs at the crotch or side zips and are particularly soft. This allows you to take the baby off from underneath, for example, to change nappies quickly and easily without investing extra time and energy or causing fuss. Press studs and side closures are not only super cute and sweet, but also minimise contact with a newborn's still sensitive navel. While you and your baby are still getting used to getting dressed, onesies can be real lifesavers that don't need to be pulled over your baby's face in case of vomit or a full nappy. You will find all the leading brands for your nursing and changing station in our large selection "All about caring for your favourite".

Best quality baby rompers

Look for good quality and workmanship with materials that are free of harmful substances. High-quality rompers are durable, environmentally friendly and keep their shape when washed. The buttonholes and press studs must be neatly finished. Nothing should fray. Zips must not jam or slide badly. Then you and your offspring will enjoy this romper suit for a long time.

The right size of a baby romper suit

Baby's clothes can easily be changed 5 times a day due to spitting up or a leaking nappy. Therefore, you should always have enough replacements at hand. You can literally watch your offspring grow. The first year flies by. So that you can enjoy your high-quality clothing for longer, it is advisable to buy the rompers a little larger and to roll back the sleeves a little at the beginning. You can also pass this on to your gift-happy family and friends. Your baby's clothing size will be between 50 and 80 in the first year. Of course, there are always exceptions.

As you can see, romper sets and bodysuits are a great way to add variety to your baby's wardrobe while maintaining the comfort of a romper. With different sleeve and trouser options, you can ensure your child is always comfortable and ready for any weather. We have an extensive collection of rompers with matching hats and accessories for your little one in our body romper category.