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Long sleeve bodysuits

Cosy and warm long-sleeved bodysuits for the baby

A long-sleeved bodysuit is especially worthwhile in the first days after birth or in winter. The cuddly soft bodysuits keep the baby nice and warm and give a feeling of security.

Why a long-sleeved bodysuit at all?

No baby's wardrobe should be without a long-sleeved bodysuit. The tight-fitting garment is used especially in the first weeks after birth. In the first days of life, babies need a lot of warmth, because they can't regulate their own temperature very well yet. It is only after a few weeks that the need for warmth decreases and the baby can control its temperature better. For newborns, a romper suit is therefore a basic piece of equipment.

But these practical baby clothes are also recommended for cooler days. In the low temperatures of winter, a long-sleeved bodysuit is generally worthwhile. However, it is not possible to give a general answer to the temperatures at which a long-sleeved bodysuit should be used. While some babies freeze quickly, others tend to sweat more. Therefore, keep a close eye on your child to find out when you should put a swaddling bodysuit on him/her.

Swaddle bodysuits: The most important buying criteria

Swaddle bodysuits are available in a wide range of colours for both girls and boys. Long-sleeved bodysuits have so-called press studs that can be opened all the way from top to bottom. This makes changing your baby child child's play. You can easily wrap your newborn in the bodysuit without having to pull the garment over your head. So a bodysuit definitely makes everyday life easier for many mums and dads.

In order to make the right purchase decision, you should consider a few criteria. Think about the material in advance. Look for breathable material such as organic cotton. Garments made of organic cotton are not only breathable, but also feel wonderfully soft on the skin. Cotton is also easy to care for and machine washable. Bodysuits that are also boil-proof are particularly practical. Browse through our online shop at your leisure and find the ideal long-sleeved bodysuit for your baby. At 4mybaby you will only find high-quality brands that use soft fabrics that are kind to the skin.