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Fun and colourful fashion for babies and toddlers

Fashion for babies and toddlers has to meet many criteria so that the little ones and the parents feel comfortable with it. For the children, the focus is on comfortable and soft fabrics. The little ones want to be able to move easily, the fabrics must not be scratchy or the cuts constricting. Parents look for natural materials, easy handling when dressing and undressing the little ones and easy care. Of course, the various fashion items should meet the taste of the little and big earthlings, which is why bright colours, funny motifs and pretty designs are important in fashion for the little ones.

High-quality materials and robust workmanship

The skin of newborns and babies is very sensitive. Organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, is particularly soft on babies' skin and has a hypoallergenic effect. The air heats up very quickly in the loops and loops of the fleece fabrics, terry cloth and velour, which is why these materials provide a great feeling of well-being when worn. Babies and toddlers love these cuddly fabrics and parents can get fashion items from bandanas to jackets to onesies made from the cuddly materials at low prices. The textiles are hard-wearing and retain their shape even after intensive use and frequent washing. All textile products can be cleaned in the washing machine. The washing instructions in the textiles provide information about the degree of warmth and drying suitability of each item.

Fashion articles offer assistance

Learning to walk is a strenuous and difficult exercise for young children. The soft slippers and baby walkers support the little ones in this process, because the flexible soles allow the foot to roll healthily. Since the soft cartilages, tendons and muscles need sufficient space in the shoes, there should be a heel of two finger widths between the front edge of the child's toes and the edge of the shoe. Children who can already walk well want to get to know the environment outside the home. Their feet need shoes that protect them from uneven paths, stones and sharp edges as well as from water penetration on rainy days. On sunny days, fashion for toddlers shows a special variety, as the little ones need to be protected from the sun's rays with a sun hat or a parasol. When the temperature rises to the top, happy hours in the swimming pool beckon. Toddlers who still need a nappy will find the colourful swim nappies a great and hygienic alternative to classic nappies. In cold temperatures and wet weather, fashion has to keep warm and dry. With rain overalls or bib overalls, rubber boots, warm fleece hats or thermal boots and softshell jackets, the playground can be visited despite the bad weather.

Colourful fashion for children until they start school

Children love colours and shapes. In the fashion for the little ones, strong colours alternate with delicate pastel shades. The designs are child-friendly and feature animal motifs, flowers, dots, stars or stripes. The little ones especially like motifs that they can touch, which is why many motifs are vividly depicted. The ears of their favourite animal can be easily grasped with their little hands or the fine embroidery can be traced with their fingers. Sequins sparkle and arouse the little ones' interest. Of course, all parts are sewn tightly to the clothing so that no injuries can occur due to swallowing.