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Ergobaby Sleep

Ergobaby sleeping bags for quieter nights

Ergobaby is not only known for high-quality baby carriers, but also carries first-class sleeping bags in its range. A peaceful night's sleep is important for your child to develop. In the same way, you also benefit from relaxed nights when your offspring sleeps peacefully. You can wash all sleeping products in the washing machine without hesitation. All sleeping bags are made of 100% premium cotton, which gives your child a particularly comfortable sleeping feeling.

Which sleeping bag is best for my child to sleep in?

First of all, it is important to know that there is no right or wrong sleeping bag. Pay attention to the room climate, the room temperature, the temperature of your child and dress him or her accordingly for the night. Over time, you will get a feel for how your child sleeps best and you will soon be a well-coordinated team. There are babies who love the feeling of puckering. This technique calms them down. If you like to use this sleeping method, Ergobaby has the right product for your baby with the Puck-me sack. Ergobaby pays attention to your baby's health. The Puck-Me Sack is designed so that your baby's legs are not constricted. The hips develop normally as the anatomical squat-splay posture is encouraged. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute organisation has awarded this sleeping bag as "healthy for the hips". The Puck-me sack is suitable from birth. As soon as it can roll and begins to free itself from the sack, it is time to switch to a conventional sleeping bag. The classic sleeping bag is ideal for ages 0 to 6 months and is available in different warmth levels. The adjustable shoulder buttons give your child more room to move as they grow. With the "on the move" sleeping bag, your child has maximum freedom of movement from the age of 6 months. The clever foot openings of the 2-in-1 sleeping bag make it easier for your child to move around when they want to crawl or walk. This model is also available in different TOG values and has adjustable shoulder buttons. The practical zips on all sleeping bags allow effortless changing at night without having to wake your baby.

How does the TOG value affect sleeping?

In short, the higher the TOG value, the more heat the sleeping bags give off. When choosing the right sleeping bag, it is important to analyse the room climate and match your child's clothing. The TOG value 0.5 indicates very thin material. Sleeping bags with this low degree of warmth are particularly suitable for very hot outside temperatures and correspondingly warm bedrooms. With the pucksack, this is usually sufficient all year round, as this sleeping method gives your baby additional warmth. With a TOG value of 1.0, your child will sleep all year round at normal room temperatures without freezing or sweating. A TOG warmth level of 0.5 or 1 creates a comfortable sleeping climate for your baby in summer. However, if your child generally freezes very quickly or it is very cool in the bedroom in winter, a sleeping bag with a TOG value of 2.5 is a good choice. Pay attention to your child's body temperature. If he or she freezes during the night, put on an extra vest. If he sweats more often during sleep, leave out an item of clothing or change from pyjamas with long sleeves to sleepwear with short sleeves, for example.