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Ergobaby Relax

Baby bouncers from ergobaby support the smallest ones

Newborns are safely placed down, babies enjoy rocking on their own and toddlers have an optimal seat in the rockers from ergobaby toddlers have the perfect seat for playing, eating and relaxing. A Relax baby bouncer from ergobaby supports the development of the little ones and offers a lot of comfort.

The memory of mummy's tummy

Many babies feel very comfortable in a rocker. The gentle rocking of a baby bouncer reminds them of the time in their mother's womb, so that the little ones feel secure. At the same time, the babies can observe their surroundings and occupy themselves with toys. A play arch attached to the rocker entertains the babies. The soft velvet figures on the arch invite them to grasp and grasp. The gross and fine motor skills are trained and the interest in the play bow is strengthened by the sounds made when grasping. The bow is mounted at a distance, depending on the developmental stage of the little ones and their eyesight, with a click system.

Newborns are safe in a Relax baby bouncer

Although the rockers from ergobaby support the soft cartilage, bones and muscles thanks to an ergonomic insert, newborns should not sit in a rocker for more than one hour. After that, it is important that the little ones feel the closeness of their parents. However, rockers are protective places for newborns that parents can use several times a day to keep their hands free for other activities or for their own hygiene. The newborn insert was ergobaby in collaboration with paediatric orthopaedists. It provides support from the head to the hips to the legs. The couch prevents flat head syndrome. Of course, newborns, babies and toddlers are secured in the baby bouncer with a harness system.

Babies relax by rocking

While newborns use the rocker in the lying position, the rocker can be adjusted to three levels for babies and toddlers. In the middle position, babies can set the Relax rocker in motion independently by shifting their weight. The gentle rocking relaxes the children and ensures that they fall asleep peacefully. In the top position, the baby rocker is suitable as a seat for toddlers, who can rock as well as play and eat. The baby bouncer has a mechanical construction, the movement is done by muscle power. There is no battery or plug for an electric drive, which means that over-stimulation cannot occur. The babies only rock as hard and as long as they themselves enjoy it. The adjustment of the positions is controlled by a button that can be used comfortably with the foot.

Soft and comfortable seat with the ergobaby baby bouncer

In order to feel completely comfortable in the Relax rocker, the seat is divided into two zones. The head and arms rest on a soft knitted fabric, while a breathable mesh material has been used in the body region, which allows the air to circulate pleasantly. This makes the little ones feel pleasantly warm, dry and cosily soft in their baby bouncer. The cover can be removed in a few easy steps and cleaned in the washing machine at a low temperature. If the rocker is not ergobaby it can simply be folded away when not in use for a longer period of time. The small pack size makes it easy to stow away. The low weight of the rocker also allows you to take it along on visits. The baby can sit in its relax rocker and observe the surroundings despite unfamiliar surroundings.