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Ergobaby Pram

Prams from ergobaby are true quick-change artists

With the birth of a baby, the question of how to transport the little one arises. The use of a pram is an individual family decision. The pram offers many advantages, because the little ones can sleep comfortably in it, the baby can be changed in the pram in case of a small mishap and the shopping or later toys also have room in the pram. A pram from

ergobaby has even more advantages, because the pram is a real quick-change artist and accompanies the little ones from birth up to a model-dependent body weight of around 25 kg.

The special features of ergobaby

Every pushchair from ergobaby is characterised by the highest level of safety and quality features. Only high-quality materials are used for the pram and all necessary accessories are included in the purchase price. To ensure that the little darlings lie softly ergobaby a soft padding and air-filled tyres made of a non-flat and puncture-resistant rubber material. These tyres absorb unevenness of the ground and cushion gently so that the little ones always have a smooth ride. An additional built-in suspension system ensures even smoother running. To make the pram robust and at the same time very light, high-quality aluminium tubes were used for the pram's frame. Joints with steel inserts guarantee the longevity of the ergobaby pram. A 5-point harness system and a safety bar are included in the scope of delivery. Every pushchair from ergobaby can be folded in a few simple steps and can be conveniently transported in the car or stowed away when not in use.

The pram from ergobaby for newborns

The still soft tissue of newborns makes it necessary for babies to be transported lying down. This protects the spine and supports the still heavy head. Every pram from ergobaby has a newborn nest and can assume a reclining position thanks to the multi-adjustable backrest.position. The handlebars of the pram are adjustable in height so that the parents can adopt a comfortable pushing position.poscan adopt a comfortable pushing position.

The world is curiously observed

From the safe position of the pram, older children observe their environment. The handlebars can be swivelled so that the children can ride facing their parents or facing forwards. When the little ones look at their parents, this gives them a feeling of security and communication can take place. In the direction of travel, the little ones discover the world. The sitting position is only useful for babies from the age of four to five months, because only at this point are the muscles strong enough to hold the head well. The older the children get, the more active they are in the pram, which is why the harness system and the safety bar play a major role. The footrest can be lowered and the toddler sits upright, but well secured, in the pram.

Practical accessories and easy care

If the pram or seat cover gets dirty from use, then both can be wiped down and cleaned with warm water, a little soap and a soft cloth. The many accessories are practical and allow the pushchairs to be used in all weathers. The rain cover keeps the rain away from the little ones and the sun canopy protects against the sun's harmful rays with a high UV protection. Drink holders are already included and hold the baby bottles as well as the water or coffee for the adults. A large shopping basket allows parents to do the shopping with the little ones or is indispensable when visiting the playground, because sand toys, cuddly toys or a ball have room in it.