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Ergobaby Food

Eating in the high chair pleases babies In the first weeks and months of life, breast milk is the best food for babies. From the age of four months, complementary food can be started. Carrots, potatoes or apples are made into a porridge and this is given instead of a milk meal. To make eating easier, the high chair from ergobaby is a perfect piece of equipment for the baby-parent household. The parents are at eye level and have both hands free to hand the food to the little ones. Since the toddlers see the parents, they do not feel excluded, learn and imitate the parents and thus have a faster learning success in eating independently.

The perfect time for the ergobaby high chair

Although the high chair has many advantages, there is a point in time when it should be used. Only when babies can sit independently are their muscles and vertebrae so stable that sitting in a high chair does not cause postural damage. Depending on the speed of development, this phase begins between the fourth and sixth month of life. When the little ones can sit safely on the floor, then is the time to use the baby seat. To be immune to falling down due to unforeseen movements, the 5-point harness provides a secure hold for the little ones. The infant seat shell is ergonomically designed and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The baby seat has a removable tray that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

From baby chair to child chair and learning tower

Older children are already sitting so stably that securing them with the harness system is no longer necessary. They change from the baby chair to the high chair. This is also raised so that the little ones can see and reach easily at the shared dining table. As the seat can be adjusted to three positions, the high chair is suitable for children up to the age of seven. ergobaby high chair can be used up to the age of seven. Eating together is not the only activity in which the little ones want to be active together with their parents. The little ones want to help in the kitchen as well as with handicrafts at the work table or with daily hygiene in the bathroom. To make it easier for them to reach the surfaces and to give them a secure footing, the learning chair from ergobaby is ideal. The stable steps and the wide platform allow children up to a weight of 45.4 kg to do common activities with their parents while standing. Of course, the height of the platform is variable and adapts to the size of the children. The safe bar in the front area protects the little ones from falling down. Since the construction of the high chair is loadable up to 99 kg, the chair also serves as practical seating furniture for adults.

Convertible chairs from ergobaby

It is often not possible to purchase a baby chair, a high chair and a learning tower due to lack of space. Ergobaby has therefore made its chairs convertible. With a few simple steps, the baby car seat with the 5-point harness is removed and the little ones take a seat in the high chair. Previously, the seat served as a footrest for the babies. To help in the kitchen or in the workroom, the high chair transforms into a learning tower. The ladder handle at the top is simply attached to the high chair. When not in use, the high chair can be folded and stored to save space.