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Ergobaby Baby carriers

Ergonomic baby carriers from Ergobaby

The Ergobaby brand

Ergobaby is a leading manufacturer when it comes to baby carriers. Mothers and fathers all over the world have trusted the manufacturer's products for over 20 years. The brand calls itself a lifestyle brand that prioritises ergonomics. The topic of sustainability has not escaped Ergobaby's attention either, and since 2020 the focus has been on the environment. Because when it comes to innovation in this area, the manufacturer is constantly on the lookout for new solutions and continues to develop. The Ergobaby range covers almost all the needs of parents who want to carry their baby


All models are suitable for newborns and can be used right from birth. Of course, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer a sling or a baby carrier. While the correct tying of the sling is a matter of practice and needs to be learned, baby carriers are prefabricated and also easier to wear in alternation with your partner. No matter what you choose - you will be optimally supported ergonomically with all Ergobaby variants.

Which model is the best?

The different models of baby carriers meet different needs. With Ergobaby baby carriers, your baby is always safe, can feel your heartbeat and feels secure. They encourage bonding with your child and leave your hands free to do other things. Babies love the gentle rocking and it helps them to find their way to sleep. In case of colic or discomfort, the rocking up and down has a calming and relaxing effect. All Ergobaby models support the natural squat-splay posture and promote healthy hip development. Thanks to the even weight distribution, the baby carriers also have a positive effect on your posture and prevent back pain. posand prevent back pain. The

latest addition

The Aerloom baby carrier is the newest product in the range and is particularly popular with parents who place great value on sustainability. The FormaKnit material used is made from up to 87% recycled plastic bottles, making the carrier an environmentally conscious helper in a chic design.

The growing with you

The special thing about Ergobaby baby carriers is that they are durable and grow with your baby. From birth to walking age, you can carry your child on the front or on the back. Omni, Adapt or Carrier - all versions are convertible and easy to put on thanks to the buckles with click closures. This way, you as parents can take turns carrying and share the baby carrier.

Products for every situationThe

Embrace newborn carrier is the only model that can only be used in the first year of life. For this, your baby sits correctly from the start, it lies close to your body and it feels like a sling. A separate newborn insert is available for the former Original model so that you can carry your child in the correct position from birth. If you decide to use the sling and have learned the technique of tying it, this is also an optimal solution for your baby. You can place your baby in the sling before tying it tightly. This makes it easier for you to put on the sling. You can use all available baby carriers from birth and up to the age of your child. You decide how you carry your child. From four months, you can carry your baby sideways, facing forwards or later on your back, so that it is more exciting for your child too.