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From our own experience and the reports of many parents, we know that babies love to suck on the shoulder straps of their Ergobaby carrier. However, many parents want to protect their ERGO and not have "nibbled" shoulder straps - and asked us to develop a removable protector. In response to this request, we have developed this pair of thick terry cotton pads which are easy to attach with Velcro and are washable. Each pair of pads is reversible, washable and made of 100% cotton.

Manufacturer "ergobaby"

Ergobaby - Carrying is love

Like so many good ideas, the Ergobaby company was born out of necessity. Having just become a mother herself, company founder Karin Frost was looking for the perfect baby carrier. However, she could not find a model that met the ergonomic requirements of an infant and at the same time was comfortable for the parents - even over a longer period of time. So her idea of Ergobaby was born and Karin Frost set about developing a baby carrier.
On the one hand, it should support the development of the child's spine in an ergonomically correct way and, at the same time, distribute the child's weight optimally so that parents do not have to suffer from back or neck pain even on longer outings. After several test runs and a lot of feedback from parents and midwives, Karin Frost was finally satisfied with her product and the Ergobaby comfort carrier was born. Under the name Ergobaby Original Collection, the Ergobaby Comfort Carrier is still available today and can be used from birth.
For newborns, however, the newborn insert included in the price of the carrier must be used. This ensures the ergonomic squat-splay position for the smallest babies, which is indispensable for healthy carrying. In addition, the newborn insert supports the head and neck area of the infant and reduces the bar so that the little ones also sit comfortably. The insert can be used up to a weight of 5.5 kilograms and is no longer needed as soon as the neck muscles have matured and the child can hold its head for longer periods without support. This is normally the case between the 4th and 6th month of life. After that, the carrier can be used up to a weight of 20 kilograms. The stretchers in the Ergobaby original collection can be used in three different carrypositions.
From birth, the child can be carried facing the mother in the front carry. As soon as the child is stable enough, the side carry and the back carry are added. This is usually the case around the 5th month. Ergobaby also makes carrying as comfortable as possible for parents, as comfortable shoulder straps and a padded hip belt distribute the child's body weight evenly across the parents' back and shoulders. A practical pocket in the front of the carrier offers extra large storage space - so parents can stow the essentials within easy reach. The Ergobaby 360 collection offers four different carrying methods: front carry, back carry and side carry. The Ergobaby 360 can also be carried facing forwards, allowing the child to discover the world.
The ergonomic M-position is ensured in all four carrying methods, but the front carry should only be used for short sessions of 10 - 15 minutes a day, as otherwise the baby may become overstimulated. Parents should also actively listen to their child's signals when using this carrying method and in any case only use it from the age of approx. 5 months. The Ergobaby 360 can also be used from birth up to a weight of approx. 15 kilograms. However, the newborn insert must be purchased separately for this collection. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a wide hip belt also ensure comfort for parents when carrying this model. The latest collection from Ergobaby is called Ergobaby Adapt. This is a carrying system that can be used from birth and does not require a newborn insert. As the name suggests, the Adapt can be adapted to the size of the child. The bucket seat grows with the child and can be adjusted in height.
The front straps can be used to determine how your child sits in the carrier and thus ensure the ergonomic M-position. The neck pads can also be adjusted so that the child's head is optimally supported. With the Adapt you can carry your child in the front carry, back carry and side carry. Cross-banded, padded shoulder straps and a lumbar support provide comfort when carrying and relieve the parents' back and shoulder area. For active parents who walk a lot or like to hike, the company also offers the Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh collection. Made from cool, breathable mesh fabric, baby and parents won't break a sweat even on long outings. Like the Ergobaby 360, the Performance Collection also allows all four carryposin the ergonomically correct sit-to-stand position.
This collection can also be used from birth up to a weight of about 15 kilograms. However, the newborn insert must also be purchased separately for this model. Incidentally, all Ergobaby baby carriers have been awarded the rating "healthy for the hip" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. In addition, all models allow for discreet breastfeeding in the carrier, so that the child does not have to be taken out of the carrier when hungry. All collections are available in various modern designs in different colours, some of which are limited editions. The collections are made exclusively from durable cotton or cool mesh fabrics, both of which can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine. In addition, all stretchers have a headrest with a UV factor 50+ privacy screen that gives children the peace of mind they need to get to sleep. At the same time, the headrest protects against direct sunlight and serves as a shield against prying eyes when breastfeeding. As an accessory for rainy and cold winter weather, the company also offers a practical weather protection system that can be easily attached to any carrier from any collection and washed in the machine.
Thanks to the water-repellent Rip Stop fabric, the rain cover protects the little ones from moisture and wetness. For cold autumn and winter weather, Ergobaby developed the 2-in-1 winter cover, which provides cosy warmth with its soft fleece lining and keeps babies dry with its water-repellent fabric. Although Ergobaby became known for its sophisticated carrying systems, the company has since expanded its product portfolio to include a few selected products. The Ergobaby breastfeeding pill ow differs from similar products from other manufacturers mainly because of its supportive properties. Although the pillow is soft, it is firm at the same time, so that it cushions the curved posture during breastfeeding and ensures that there is less back pain for breastfeeding mothers.
It also enables breastfeeding in several positionspositions, but can also be used when feeding bottle-feeding. The Ergobaby breastfeeding pillow also has a practical carrying handle that allows the pillow to be carried comfortably from one room to another despite its weight. As soon as the baby can lie on its stomach, the breastfeeding pillow is also a great baby trainer thanks to its firmness, allowing the baby to strengthen its muscles without sinking into soft fabric. And even during pregnancy, the pillow can provide relief for the pregnant mother's sleeping problems. And the company now also has a product in its range for the peaceful sleep of the little ones. The Ergobaby Puck-me-Sack is based on the centuries-old tradition of pucking, which is once again very popular today. The puck sack fixes the baby's arms to the body and brings the hips into a healthy position. In this way, the babies experience the familiar confinement from the womb and at the same time are hindered in their urge to move, which often leads to increased waking and restless sleep.
The Ergobaby Puck-me sack simplifies the traditional swaddling technique of swaddling with a light cloth by means of an extra-quiet Velcro fastening system. This also makes changing nappies child's play, as the baby does not have to be taken completely out of the sack. The Pucksack is also made of breathable cotton terry cloth, which regulates the baby's body temperature and ensures a comfortable sleeping temperature. The Puck-me sack can be used from birth onwards with a body height of 48 - 61 cm and a weight of 2.7 to 6.8 kilograms. It can also be washed in the washing machine without any problems. Like the baby carriers, the Puck-Mich sack has also been awarded the rating "healthy for the hip" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and can be used without hesitation until the baby starts to turn or roll on its own. Practical changing backpacks and chic changing bags round off the company's range. In short: At Ergobaby, parents will find everything they need for an ergonomically correct first set for their child.

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11 November 2023 15:52

Tip top!

Tip top!

11 October 2011 06:53

Très pratique, ainsi bébé peut...

Très pratique, ainsi bébé peut mordiller sans abimer les bretelles!

17 April 2013 09:08

Ich finde die Gurtschoner ein ...

Ich finde die Gurtschoner ein absolutes Muss zu einem ErgoCarrier. Unsere Tochter hat sofort angefangen an den Trägern zu lutschen und so ist es besser. Die Schoner kann man einfach waschen und wieder montieren.

25 April 2018 18:01

Ich bin rundum zufrieden

Preis Leistung sind sehr gut

21 February 2022 20:42

Ich bin sehr zufrieden, es war genau

Ich bin sehr zufrieden, es war genau was wir bräuchten. Lieferung war auch sehr schnell.

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