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Tableware set

High-quality, pretty tableware sets for babies and toddlers

When the baby starts eating porridge and first solid food, the first children's tableware can be bought. At the latest, it is time for this when your baby starts to eat by himself. All beginnings are difficult, even learning to eat on your own. A lot of things go wrong in the beginning. Sometimes the whole plate ends up on the floor. That's why crockery for babies should be as unbreakable as possible. Therefore, first dishes are usually made of plastic. From the age of 3, your child can already have porcelain tableware. We have tableware sets in beautiful designs made of high-quality materials.

Colourful, high-quality children's tableware for little connoisseurs

Children love to eat from their own colourful children's plate. Colourful pictures, children's tableware in bright colours, that's what your baby likes. At the same time, the tableware for the little ones should be of high quality, safe and free of harmful substances. First plates usually still have a suction rim to prevent them from slipping off the table. Porcelain is only recommended from the age of 3. In our range we have crockery sets from brand manufacturers made of polypropylene (PP) or silicone. These plastics are free of plasticisers and other harmful substances. In addition, the plates and cups are dishwasher-safe and suitable for the microwave. Only melamine is not allowed in the microwave. We have plastic-free sets made of bamboo/corn or predominantly renewable raw materials. For babies, there are sets with ergonomically shaped spoons and learning cups. In the beginning, the spoon is enough. Many sets come with a fork, some with a child's knife. A complete set of stainless steel cutlery can be purchased when your child is ready to use it.

Everything tastes better with funny animals

Dishes with cheerful animals are particularly popular with children. There are pretty sets in the shop from Beaba or Chicco. The cute Nûby Hedgehog Bamboo and Corn Eating Set. The Marcus&Marcus bowl and plate set made of bamboo fibres features a whole flock of animals. Very pretty is the Sterntaler-tableware set with the funny donkeys and star rim is very pretty. Is your child looked after by grandma and grandpa during the day? A set of dishes in a hygienic, lightweight plastic case comes in handy. Bear in mind that the child's plate, bowl or mug will probably be waiting in the dishwasher for the next rinse cycle. It is best to have two or three children's tableware sets at once. Ask your relatives to give you a nice set of dishes for your baby's birthday or for Christmas.

What should be included in the children's tableware set?

Most sets include a plate, bowl, drinking cup, spoon and sometimes a fork. This is sufficient for the first set for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age.

What should I look for when choosing children's tableware sets?

Children's tableware should be safe, robust and free of harmful substances. The tableware should be easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Size, shape and design must be suitable for children.

From what age do you need children's tableware?

You can buy a tableware set when the child can eat solid food and porridge. First the child's plate is needed, then gradually the other pieces of crockery.