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Children's plate

What to look for when choosing children's plates?

With the right set of children's plates, learning to eat is much easier for little gourmets. In our shop, we offer a large selection of child-friendly plates with rounded corners and edges, suction cups and cheerful designs.

For households with children, children's plates are part of the basic equipment. Find out here what you should look for when choosing children's plates.

From what age is children's tableware recommended?

After sharing a meal with the little ones, the dining table often resembles a battlefield. Small children like to grab everything edible. All sorts of little mishaps happen: the sauce lands on their clothes, the pasta on the floor and even mummy loves to be spilt on.

At some point, it's nice when the little ones learn how to use a knife and fork. But when is that time? Educators recommend that children should learn to eat independently with a spoon between the ages of 1 and 1.5. Once your little one has mastered the spoon, you can slowly move on to the fork and finally the knife. As a rule, children master the use of a knife and fork between the ages of 3 and 4.

Tip: Start as early as possible to encourage your child to eat independently with a spoon. If spooning out the porridge becomes more and more successful over time, praise your little one - this will encourage him or her in his or her behaviour. By the way, special children's cutlery makes it even easier for little explorers to learn to eat on their own.

Which material is recommended for children's tableware sets?

So-called learning to eat plates or children's plates with dividers are suitable for beginners. It is best to choose a children's tableware set that is made of robust materials - especially when the children are still very small. Do not use children's dishes made of melamine. Unfortunately, this type of tableware can release problematic harmful substances when exposed to heat. Bamboo-melamine tableware should also be avoided.

For small children between 1 and 2 years, we recommend children's plates made of silicone or cellulose. Especially practical: We also offer non-slip suction cup plates in our shop. These make it almost impossible for the plate to tip over. After a certain time, however, it is advisable to switch to porcelain children's dishes. For this purpose, we also offer special sets that are adapted to children's needs.