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Child-friendly bowls - not only for baby's first porridge

Bowls for children's food must be one thing above all: safe! That's why manufacturers have come up with a few ideas and offer, for example, bowls that have anti-slip coatings on the underside to ensure that the bowls cannot be swept off the table immediately. Even safer are the baby bowls that are attached to a base with a click system. Which system you choose is purely a matter of taste - both make eating easier!

To ensure the safety of the bowls, the material is particularly important. Ideally, children's bowls should be resistant to breakage. Melamine is therefore used particularly often, but also bamboo. Both materials are difficult to break. This not only has advantages if the bowl falls off the table. Even when the little ones start to eat with a spoon or fork, they like to drop them or use them as a musical instrument. After all, the spoon is a great way to bang loudly on the plate. Here too, it is important that the bowl can withstand this without splintering!

Food bowls for children should be suitable for everyday use

In the best case, the bowl is used every day. Breakfast porridge, the first small vegetable sticks to nibble on or dessert in the afternoon - everything has to be served in a bowl. That's why it's especially important for a children's bowl to be easy to clean. A children's bowl should be dishwasher-safe and, above all, light in weight. This is the only way that children can later learn to clear their bowl from the table into the dishwasher themselves. Bowls with a higher rim have also proved their worth. This means that nothing spills out quickly if the bowl is lifted by the children.

It is particularly easy for parents if the food for the children can be heated up in the microwave. If you attach importance to this, you should definitely bear it in mind when buying a bowl - not every porridge bowl is suitable for the microwave!

Scratch-resistant bowls have also proven themselves in everyday use. After all, the often colourful and cute motifs with wild animals or beautiful dots should look nice for longer and be used for the first few years. If the bowls are quickly scratched, this does not speak well for the quality of the bowls, especially as the material can then get into the food. Incidentally, great motifs in the bowl can ensure that children eat more. The more they eat, the more there is of the lion or elephant at the end. Often a nice incentive for the child to eat "at least two more spoons"!

BPA-free and food-safe - for children's health

A child's bowl should be free of BPA. This is the only way to ensure that this harmful substance does not get into the food and thus into the child's organism. Another feature that parents should pay special attention to is that the bowl is food-safe. Food-safe means that the material of the bowl does not transfer its taste or smell to the food.